Sunday, November 27, 2011

a simple sunday

 There is an almost empty bag of cherry cordial kisses resting on its side near my left hip. I swear it was full not five minutes ago. Someone please come and take it away from me. I exaggerate, I've only eaten maybe a dozen or so in the last three hours but yes please...will someone come and take it away from me. That way, I can bribe you with baked goods so you will help me fold all these fat quarters of gingham I keep tripping over here in the new tiny casa.
It's not even four and already the light is failing me. I just spent an hour taking too many photos, working as fast as I could of the mad cups of dilly that will soon be in the shop. The windows are all open and I can hear a woodpecker in the cocoa tree out front. Yup, the windows are open. It was a smidge under 80 degrees today and it was so very lovely. We spent the morning with the mama a-go-go wandering around ancient oak trees searching for mushrooms and crashing our noggins into too low branches. After we found our way back to the car the mister and I dropped off the mama and headed to the thrift in search of treasure and, more specifically a red t-shirt or two for a project that has been kicking about my brain since yesterday. I saw the most amazing treasure of a tea tin but sadly it was in someone elses box. Drats! Instead, I picked up two ts, one record without a jacket (for another project) and a burnt orange Swingline stapler. The mister found a work light and we got out of there for under $5.
Next stop, the craft store in search of a large picture frame for a gift. We got a call from one of the sisters-a-go-go and walked across the parking lot to meet up with some family for a pizza lunch. It was a nice break from turkey and a nice visit lunching in the sun. I managed to remember to look for and find some freezer paper and then off we went home again, home again. Mister mopped up the floor and cleaned up the ants (we've been under attack as of late) whilst I worked on laundry and edited my mushroom pics. After our chores were finished he headed out to the homestead for more garage work and so I sit here on my own, tip-typing away about our day as the peck, peck, peck of the woodpecker almost keeps time with the holiday tunes I have on. The light is fading even more so, there is only a scant wedge draped across the Sunkist crate I'm using for my shop photos, the four o'clock bird has just chimed and it is time for one more cherry cordial kiss before I log off for a little netflix to keep me company while I fold those checkered fat quarters.

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