Friday, November 25, 2011


 As promised (or maybe that post hasn't been published yet, is it ever a good idea to write when yer feeling REALLY lousy?) here is a picture showing a partial me in something other than jeans. I did it folks! I put on tights AND lipstick and even curled up the hair and didn't stick it in a pony-tail until it was time for food. Go me!

Thanksgiving was nice. We did nothing but hang out and eat. Pac-man and Galaga were played, Buckaroo Banzai was watched (as well as a few youtube cat videos...anyone a fan of maru?) and I found that even if I did like wine, I wouldn't make it through a glass I'm such a light-weight. 

Today the plan is to sew, sew, sew and take more pictures than I wish to so that my shop, come Monday won't be so very empty. Happy Friday folks and thank you for sticking around!

1 comment:

  1. You look super-cute!
    (This time of year is a bumpy one for lots of folk; and as far as the social thing, you just keep being yerself. It takes time to make friends...always remember to be true to who you are.)
    Happy (post) Thanksgiving!