Saturday, November 05, 2011

of chickens, sixlets and too much to do

This chicken recipe holder had me swooning the moment I spied it at the thrift. I picked this up along with a wooden burger shaper thingamabob that had a cow painted on it and I skippity skipped to the car as happy as can be (we won't mention the awesome garnet colored sweater I scored that managed to collect all the pink fluffy-pilly-wooly bits from the wool sweater that danced with it in the wash that I am STILL attempting to de-pill, no we won't). Even now, looking at this picture I find myself smiling at its fantasticness. Pair it up with a wee jar of sixlets in my favorite colors and well, you've got a smile that should last all day.

Happy weekend folks, I hope my confessional didn't scare you away. It didn't, did it? This weekend I have a CPR certification to get to, too many book write ups to tackle, some sample writing for a job thing I'm applying for and a tiny casa that still needs cleaning, unpacking and organizing. Yikes! Packed, I tell ya, packed!

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