Friday, November 04, 2011

mornings are for routines

I am beginning to enjoy the mornings a bit more now that the casa is slowly turning into a home of sorts. It helps that the light is brighter as well. Brighter still, next week once we turn the clocks back. I'm a bit over the whole daylight savings ritual but I do still enjoy my morning routine.

I stumble out of bed and quickly make it up before approaching the kitchen and living room. First stop, computer...oh I do love my internet next I hit the kitchen and fill the kettle with water and set to boil.

I grab the four-cup pyrex and add a green tea bag. Tea bags are kept in the cup cupboard. If the box is almost empty, I tuck the loose bags into a vintage squirrel mug, if not there is a tower of boxes that tipple-topple about as I retrieve the jasmine tea. We have a small variety of teas toppling about but lately, all I want is jasmine. I am down to two bags and really need to scope out some more. Better remember to do that sooner than soon!
While the computer is waking up and the water rolls to a boil, I either get dressed if it is a workday or bundle up if it not. Plans for the day clutter up my head as I coax myself to wake up.

If I am on it, which is not as often as I want to admit, I am dressed regardless and chowing down on a warm bowl of oatmeal. If I am not, tastee-os it is with a dash of cinnamon. If I am really not on it, I reach for the pink snail shaped half-cup and dish out a dash of marshmallow mateys as well. A smattering of rainbow marshmallows can make almost any day a smidge brighter.

Thrilling, isn't it? What are your mornings made of?

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