Wednesday, November 02, 2011

clap on, clap off

I am often in the habit of losing things in the tiny casa. It drives mr. a-go-go quite daffy. I don't intend to lose my keys or my inhaler or cord, I simply am prone to scatteredness (or perhaps we have a bad case of duendes).

Saturday, I misplaced a tiny box of homeopathic sinus medicine. The mister was out purchasing wood and I was home puttering about when I realized it was time for my next dose. I went to the table where I had left the box but it wasn't there. I then checked the sofa, the bedroom and the bathroom but I couldn't find it anywhere. I wandered about the tiny casa lifting up things the box couldn't possibly fit under and muttering to myself. As I wandered from the bedroom to the kitchen and back to the bedroom I found myself doing something I generally do when I lose something...I develop a crazy urge to clap. As in two sharp clappity claps. What? Yes, it seems I like to pretend everything that is lost comes equipped with its own clapper. Or rather, those mini alarms that attach to your keys that beep when you make a loud noise around them. Not only do I have a crazy urge to clap, I picture the old school commercial for the clapper, them song and all.

Once I realize I am in clapper mode, I realize it is time to admit defeat. Usually this involves more muttering and a quick computer browse of Pinterest, Facebook or flickr and sometimes a quick game of sudoku. More often than not, it involves putting the kettle on and brewing a cup of tea while I hope, hope, hope the lost item resurfaces before the mister catches me looking for it.

The meds were eventually found in the dumpster. Crazy, I know but they somehow got into our tiny trash can just before the mister took the trash out. My allergies have been breeding the worst symptoms ever and I am SO HAPPY we found them, even though I really do wish we had a clapper.

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  1. I have heard a saying that Goes something like : "The organized are just the people who are too lazy to look for things." I think you are just a hard worker!