Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the {new} tiny casa: too lazy to dye

The slips are still hanging in the window waiting for their baths of pink, orange and/or yellow. They look so pretty, sheer and simple as the light of the day filters through them and scatters about the casa. I have been picking up oodles of hours for both jobs so have had little time to get the slips dyed or even think about it.
There are boxes to still unpack and organize, objects to photograph for the holiday shop, things to make, articles to write, jobs to apply for...the slips are so dreamy they make me feel content. Content enough to go with it, let is happen as it may, dyed or not...
There are scones on the stovetop waiting to cool for their glaze, a new bed to photograph and listy-list in the making that is so long, my head hurts thinking of it. I will take it slow. Take it lazy. I will enjoy this morning on the sofa, wrapped up in a cuddle of quilts and I will make that listy-list even longer. I will place it where I can easily get to it and I will cross at least five things off. Lazy or not, THAT is doable...the slips however will have to wait.

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  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The lazy slips, how lovely and comforting - reminds me of my Grandma - Thank you Jek!!