Monday, October 03, 2011

which witch is which?

I got to do another window at job-o number two. Mind you, I have guidelines and odd lists and rules and relatively little freedom and zero here ya go, a Halloween window full of witchy-goodness. But really, mostly reflections of trees as the lights are turned off once the store closes...
There is a huge disadvantage to this window. One, the tinting. What's up with that? No one can actually SEE anything. Second, there is little to no pedestrian traffic so really, what's the point. To catch the eyes of the drivers that speed past, I think simply painting it would be better. But you get what you
Next window is Thanksgiving...I'm a gonna build me a scarecrow!


  1. i adore window/store decorating! I wish i could see your creations better.

  2. argh! wish i could see better! i love the twisted red wig and the mirror...

  3. Yes, I too wish I could see the window better, but from what I see, I think it looks great (and it's probably a million times better than anything they've had in the past.) That place should be so lucky to have you!


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