Thursday, October 06, 2011

this and that

I spent the entire day doing stuff yet nothing seems to have gotten done. Does that ever happen to you? Nothing got unpacked or put away but a floor was swept and a shop project was finished, all I need to do is photograph it. I did clean up my crafty mess and laundry was laundered and I actually remembered to eat food food and not just junk. I kept hydrated and even brushed my teeth and hair so I suppose all of that is better than nothing...right?

I've got some Halloween packs o dilly to pop into the shop this weekend and all sorts of wips for the 'do and such. Nothing has been finished, most of it hasn't even been started yet but as long as the plan is in the noggin it will be...soon, I hope!

I have to admit that I am quite tired of looking at boxes and piles and look forward to finding a dresser of sorts so I may put the rest of the clothes away. The mister's entire wardrobe fits into two drawers and mine kind of spills and tumbles all over the place with most of it on hold until it fits again. I am a sad and sorry gal, methinks. Hey, vintage is hard to let go of, is it not?

Here's hoping for another leap of unpacking to happen by next Friday. I'm hoping to have some sort of crafty shindig even though I know all of three people here in town. In order to have a crafty shindig, I will need to have rid of the piles and such, a working oven and easy access to said crafting supplies. Hopefully by writing this down I will be accountable and productive. Ahem.

Happy almost Friday folks! What do you have in store for the weekend?


  1. Indeed, I spend many a busy day achieving nothing. Sounds like you did a lot. Are we too hard on ourselves - why do we expect so much. Silly really. Have a good weekend

  2. my husband is away for a couple of days so me and the dogs are going to catch up on some projects. i am going to cook the food he hates and watch chick flicks while working in my journals. can't wait!

  3. I want to come to your crafty shindig!! -kris

  4. So many of my days are like that. It seems like a lot of what I do only shows up when it doesn't happen.

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Recently I've started Top Five Today lists and I put the top five things I will be very satisfied to accomplish. I then check them off as I go. Very rewarding and reminds me I actually accomplished things.