Wednesday, October 05, 2011

if all the raindrops...

It is raining this morning. Drops drip and fall and lightly tip-tap on the windows of the new tiny casa. There is dark and fog and I feel cozy after a return trip from dropping  mr. a-go-go off at his work. Today is not a day for biking, even with reflector vests and flashing lights. I almost side-swiped a cyclist biking in the rain this morning. He wore a black hoodie and had his head down. There was not a single piece of reflective anything and he blended in with the shadows of the trees that blew every-which-way. The path in front of me looked odd. Too dark, too shiny and that one shadow...I swerved just in time,  and then a young woman jogged right off the curb and in front of me also wearing all black. I'm not sure they are aware of how invisible they are in this wet, dark weather. Not sure at all.

The roof of the car-port at the new tiny casa is dotted with invisible holes that welcome the rain and wet and drip-droppiness. Good thing the mister anticipated the seepage so everything out there, in storage is in a protected bin or bag. Still, there are tip-toppy columns of smart, small cardboard boxes that have been designated to house the fabric a-go-go. So far, so least they are empty for now.

I got my flu shot yesterday and now my arm is quite cranky. I am also on my last cup of green tea so now, my brain is quite cranky. Today I am at job-o number one, hanging out with oodles of kiddos anticipating the gems they will share with me. I am also in the middle of whipping up some wee packs of Halloween whimsy. There is mucho much to do and so very little time to do it all in...happy Wednesday!

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