Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

oh man, did i have plans. plans that fittered away...i have bits and pieces of projects cluttering up the happy table, all sorts of projects. if i can get my game back, i will finish them up and save them for next year then maybe, just maybe i will have something festively spooky for you to enjoy.
instead, i have a pic of my unfinished holiday shelf and a happy skully garland from last, last week's farm visit. this year, we have no plans. we were going to dress up as a dia de los muertos couple but time got the best of us. we have a handful of movies to watch and will be spending the night in as our normally reclusive selves. wishing you all the happiest of halloweens!

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Happy Halloween Mr and Mrs A-Go-Go! Your plans for this evening sound perfect :)