Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

oh man, did i have plans. plans that fittered away...i have bits and pieces of projects cluttering up the happy table, all sorts of projects. if i can get my game back, i will finish them up and save them for next year then maybe, just maybe i will have something festively spooky for you to enjoy.
instead, i have a pic of my unfinished holiday shelf and a happy skully garland from last, last week's farm visit. this year, we have no plans. we were going to dress up as a dia de los muertos couple but time got the best of us. we have a handful of movies to watch and will be spending the night in as our normally reclusive selves. wishing you all the happiest of halloweens!

Friday, October 28, 2011

friday's confessional: october 28

Last Friday I was almost late for work as in I almost left late. The lateness came about when I hit the bathroom for last minute primping, teeth brushing and perhaps a wee bit more. I was almost out the door when I thought I would add a dash of color to my eyes via a flick of mascara. Off came my glasses (which are sadly in need of replacing, stupid fancy coating that is now all peeling off and fuzzing up my vision) and up came the wand and as I leaned in to the mirror so close my nose touched glass (I am VERY nearsighted) I gasped when I saw the mess that was my eyebrow(s).

Yes my friends, I am a grower of unibrows. I would say it was a gift but since I have been growing them since childhood I'll just chalk it up to some kooky genes (sure, I don't have any hair on the inside of my calves but I do grow a mean Frida). Also, I am not much for the artistry of eye makeup and primping. Blame it on my sad raccoon syndrome but I really have no clue as to how to clean up. Lipstick is about all I can muster and even then I muck it up (stupid nerve damage left over from ages ago oral surgery).

I've sung operas on this topic before but I have to say I really need help here in the oculatory follicle region of my face. Sheesh. It took me five minutes to clean the mess up. FIVE MINUTES of torturous pluckity-plucking. And all of that action was centered on my center. Five minutes of excruciating maintenance and I am still in line for a muppet beauty contest. It is crazy how much better a person can look with the removal of a small number of even smaller hairs. If only I had a clue as to how to shape them I might even win a muppet beauty pageant.

I am in desperate need for an aesthetician but I am far too mortified to allow anyone to come near me. Haven't had the Frida attended to since May 2010. I am not very good at being a girl. Not good at all. Oh drats! I just realized I should have left them all in and then I would not have needed any makeup to do myself up as Frida for Halloween. Drats. A ghost it is then...quick, get me a sheet!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

monarch migration

 We a-go-gos live almost, kinda, sorta, smack-dab-in-the-middle of two monarch groves. It seems those pretty orange and black butterflies really like our coastal eucalyptus and have been hanging out in two separate groves, one northish of us and one south of us.
For the past six years we have always managed to miss them but I think I can be okay with that since it appears we have our own tiny colony at the homestead thanks to a happily blooming butterfly bush. Some days, I can count more than a dozen flittering about. Aren't they dreamy?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

we are bert & ernie

I suppose this is evidence that I cannot live in a home of quiet color. Oh well, no use trying to fight my nature right? The trends may be on pale pales and pallet furniture but I suppose all I can muster up is a wee bit of harmony with white walls and a happy dash of pallet shelves. I wouldn't trade our Ert & Bernies for the world. Every year I gift the mister with a portrait and every year he gives me a sock monkey. I'm behind in finding and artist for this years' portrait. Looks like I'll have to muster up a paintbrush myself. I am so not a painter. Anyone wanna create one? I can offer up something handmade or cookies?

Monday, October 24, 2011

kitchen kitsch

In the old casa, the kitchen was a teeny-tiny strip of a kitchen. More like a galley with its narrow strip of pitted linoleum that simply would not allow the mister and I to cook together let alone dance in its space. The cabinets were given a dose of red paint and every other inch, nook or crany was packed with all the kitsch you can imagine.

I used a bookcase to house cookbooks, yearbooks and all sorts of non-books. A metal kitchen shelf was stashed (sideways) into a narrow space between the tiny stove and the refrigerator whose average-sized door still had too much girth to open fully.

There were posters on the ceiling of my favorite children's books and granny's aqua colored tea-cart camped out under a board that the mister turned into a makeshift counter. It truly was a tint kitchen.
The new kitchen is completely its opposite. The floor is a happy checkerboard of black and white and there are more cabinets than I know what to do with. Oh and the drawers! There are drawers! In the old kitchen we had two drawers. One for silverware and one for the rest. Here we have drawers for silverware, storage containers, bags & papers and there is even one for linens and such. I am over the moon happy with the drawer situation.

With all this space and newness, we have had to figure out how to keep the kitsch without the crazy clutter. It wasn't too difficult. The first thing we did was install the happy light fixture that was our first housewarming gift. Next, mister built a shelf for our little people complete with hooks to keep our wee little lights in order.
Next, I found my much hunted for coat rack turned mug rack and then mister managed to squeeze one more shelf out of the extra pallet we found on our lawn. The finishing touch was to turn my happy Topo Chico water bottle (picked up in Austin while on the BIG road trip) into a soap dispenser and we were good to go.

Now, all we need is a working oven. Sigh.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

poppytalk autumn colours: brown

I think the brown's are my most favorite. Looking forward to the next round during winter! Check out my flickr set for more colours weeks...if ya like. Happy weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

poppytalk's autumn colours week: gray

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

poppytalk autumn colours week: orange

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

poppytalk autumn colours week: yellow

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Monday, October 17, 2011

poppytalk's autumn colours week: red

It's that time again! I have been swamped with work so have had veeeery little time to go out and take pictures. I hope these will do Autumn Colours Week justice. To see more inspiring pics, check out Poppytalk's Colours week here and here and to see more of my pics, click here. Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the last of the summer markets

We live in a fairly small(ish) town surrounded by other small(ish) towns on the coast of California. While not coastal exactly, we are about two miles from the ocean as the Turkey Vulture flies so we can get to the beach fairly quick when the whim hits.
The niftiest part of all this is the close proximity we have to all sorts of little beach towns and what they have to offer. A few weeks ago we hit up Avila Beach for its final summer farmer's market.
The weather was gorgeous, parking was found and a wander we did go.We listened to live music, dined on tortas and horchata and snacked ourselves silly on kettle corn.
 When the crowd grew too crowded, we took a wander up the almost empty pier and enjoyed the sunset.
California, we do lurve you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

halloween packs of dilly

Are now in the shop! Here's what ya get:
34"-40" of machine stitched paper garland wrapped around a happy sheet of paper.

1 vintage key and 10 assorted buttons in orange, green and black tucked inside a glassine envie affixed with a halloween themed label.

1 gothic journaling card

1 beglittered spider

1 patch-worked shipping tag w fabric scraps and vintage lace

1 handmade flower made from upcycled sweaters & fabric scraps

1 itty bitty wooden clothespin to hold it all together
 Lookie how happy the garland looks over the October bed! I lurve it! 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

where my chickens roost

mr. a-go-go is a right dandy fella who listens patiently to my raves about Pinterest and the like. He may not understand it all but he's amicable to helping me create a tiny casa that makes me smile. Though, personally, I think he just wants me to simmer down and put things away so there is not so much clutter anymore. One of the things that I think will help with my clutter is shelves and I am not immune to the love and fandom of a wonky shelf built from a pallet.
Lucky for me, someone tossed two ENORMOUS pallets onto our lawn (along with a mattress that came back more often than the cat). The mister took a look at them and found one to be less splintery than the other and got to hacking. Soon enough, I had a nifty pallet shelf for the bathroom.
 It is perfect for an assortment of happy-go-lucky ckucky-clucks and maybe a random skeleton or two. The leftover wood from this project that was still viable became a kitchen shelf. Pics of that one coming soon!

Friday, October 07, 2011

aprons a-go-go

One of the major discoveries I am finding as I unpack all the boxes in the new tiny casa is that well...I have a lot of...stuff. I am beginning to feel ever so s l i g h t l y smothered by it all even when it is pretty.
 After discovering a treasury of aprons, I culled through them and pulled out the assortment that I wear, have had the longest and really, really like the most. These are now rolled and packed into a suitcase that will soon become a footrest if mr. a-go-go gets to it. I need to learn how to be comfortable around power tools, then I could get to it.
The other assortment will be pressed and photographed and added to my shop...someday. Let's hope I can get it done this month so the apron lovers out there can pick them up for holiday gifts!

Time for oatmeal! Happy Friday folks!