Thursday, September 08, 2011

summer summer summer

it was hot yesterday. stupid hot. not l.a. hot but still, hotter than hot. the kind of hot where all you want to do is nap in yer skivvies and eat homemade popsicles. at job-o number one, the kiddos were so lethargic that though hot, the day went by pretty quickly. the otter pops may have helped. 

speaking of otter pops, do you remember them? i swear they were larger when i was a kiddo and the colors were different or maybe the flavors? i know everyone loves good old Louie Blue but i have to tell you, i have a soft spot for Sir Isaac Lime.

aaaand...speaking of Sir Isaac Lime, it had been ages since I ventured into a Starbucks but a few weeks ago I did and instead of coffee, I opted for one of these and it tasted JUST like a good old fashioned otter pop. makes me wish i actually sent in those box tops when i was in high school for a free otter pop t-shirt. how cool would that be?

**oh my, the otter pops now SING!

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