Sunday, September 18, 2011

still under the weather

At least we now have internet, this sick has been a doozy. feeling a bit better, at least enough to feel cabin fever but not well enough to DO anything. There is an evil cough lingering about and the snurfles are the snurfliest ever. Haven't slept too soundly in days. Good thing naps have been invented. I had to call out for tomorrow's job-o number two shift and I'm not fond of calling out. Mister has been delightful...unpacking boxes, brewing me tea and putting up with the snurfles and bits and Gilmore Girls. I sure hope he doesn't get knocked over the head with this.

It's crazy warm today and still. Usually we have a nice breezey breeze blowing about but not today. The light in the new casa is lovely and our new upstairs neighbor may be invisible but we can here them lurking about with each creaky step they take. Mister has hied off to the homestead for more shelf building and painting whilst I read, nap and partake of said brewed tea. I'm itching to hit normal (for me) so that I can clear all these boxes out for good. Slow and steady may win the race but it also makes for semi-cranky eyesores what with all the piles and boxes keeling over.

Just so I haven't completely and utterly lost my noggin, I did manage to do a smidge of organizing. I organized my saved magazines by title and date and then the paints found a new home in a lovely hot pink "hat box". Not bad for this icky-sick, cabin fevered, master cougher. Not bad at all.

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  1. glad you are feeling better... those little ones are walking can't wait to see the yellow shelves behind the sofa! the tiny casa # 2 is sure to be brilliant! xx