Saturday, September 03, 2011

sad raccoon-o-meter

Nothing can make you hit sad racoon status quicker than a quintet of four year-olds chanting "You're FAT! You're Fat! You're FAT!" with fingers a-pointing and mouths full of laughter. I know they are only four, but man, my heart is full of hurt. Maybe if I am lucky, a house will fall on me. I have the stripey socks for it...and sadly, the warm, purring kitty chirping on my lap is not helping all that much. A little, maybe but not that much. Here's to vacating that raccoon...soon!


  1. Ashley Rankin11:52 AM

    I hate when my kids point out Im fat, dosnt help that their chairs are half a butt cheek wide!

  2. oh yes! tiny chairs! oy...i was already having a bad image day so for them to add to it didn't help at all! thank you and hugs!


  3. What is wrong with those rude children? don't their mothers teach them any manners? I'm fat too if it makes you feel any better.

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I just let out a gasp and wanted to go smack my own 4 year old! ;) So sorry, I hate to hear this. Makes me blue just thinking of it. One time long ago, and I will never let myself get past this, I was in a fight with my elementary school friend. She drew a picture of a hot air balloon with a person's head and limbs and then wrote at the bottom "Your mom is as fat as a hot air balloon." I was so devastated that I SHOWED IT TO MY MOM! agh! I could just wail thinking of it.
    Sending a hug your way!

  5. Aw Sarah, I knew I loved you for many reasons! Oh Anonymous, the things we did as children that we knew were wrong and how they STICKY STICK and shape us. I can feel your wail and I'll add to it even. Yikes! BIG HUGS!

  6. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I taught high schoolers for 21 years, and I always said, if you have any kind of ego, do not become a teacher. You have no idea what teenagers can say about you.

    I had a student who always commented on my hair, remarking how I never combed it. One day, after having seen him in a car over the weekend on a city street, I said, "Mario I waved at you saturday and you didn't wave back."

    "Oh, you must have combed your hair and I didn't recognize you."

    Don't let them get you down.

  7. oh my! i think that people in general can be very mean and unkind. fortunately there are also lovely and kind people out there, the kind who send me lovely messages and virtual hugs, thank you!

    i think the ickiest part about the episode was that i woke up feeling a fat/ugly attack. and then to be called out on it? oy! HUGS!

  8. Awwww! So not cool! I don't think the fact that they're "only 4" excuses them. 4 years old is plenty old enough to know that your words can hurt a person's feelings...especially if you're pointing and laughing at them!

    A related, yet unrelated story for you: I used to work at Goodwill and once a week we had a group of special-needs adults from a group home come and volunteer. One time, one of the ladies came up to me, poked her finger at my belly and asked "You got a baby in there?". I think I just forced a smile and said "no". But that situation was way different than if the person had been pointing at my belly saying "You're fat! You're fat!"

  9. Oh Kira, that is difficult also. So many people who actually DO know better say things with I believe kind intentions but have no idea how hurtful they are. Like when yer not smiling and someone says "Smile, it can't be all that bad, nobody died..." which yes, was said to me, two hours after I got news my grandmother had passed. Oy!

  10. Holly1:39 AM

    Eek, reminds me of my son. He drew a picture of his family while at school: the typical "stick" people, but one has a big round circle where the middle of the body goes, and another has big round bumps on both arms. Apparently these were dad's big muscles, while I'm a big ball. He has informed me, though, that I'm the best squishy cuddly momma anywhere and I make the best pillow for little boys. I think that was what saved him.

  11. oh Holly, yikes! but i think soft and cuddly mamas make for the best cuddles, i do!