Friday, September 30, 2011

jessica and the kinda terrible, half way horrible, no good, kinda bad morning...

I think I'll move half-way to Australia.

It's 8am and I must leave for job-o number one in half an hour. There's no reason for my mood really, other than a cranky brain. I feel like I slept fitfully, I'm a tad bit oomphy-congested (with dust from job-o number two's window adventure I am sure), yawny, cloggedy clogged up and my left ear is STILL stuffity stuffed. My tea is too hot to drink, my neck is tweaked from sleeping funny and I gave myself a stitch from coughing. Yup, one of THOSE mornings.

Mister has been setting up the new for us computer doing all those techy, computer things I am clueless about. I have piles and piles of books and craft supplies cluttering up the still-in-progress tiny casa and hardly feel motivated let alone as if I am home. Fluxity flux, methinks.

Is this day over yet? Do I get a redo? Oh boy, my brain is cranky with a capital "C" and my heart is s l i g h t l y heavy from other pitiful thoughts. I should make some pom-poms and throw myself some sort of sisboombah party...I would except out of all the craft supplies cluttering up the still-in-progress tiny casa, crepe paper seems to have escaped and is in hiding.

Maybe my tea is drinkable now, gotta skeedaddle to the job-o. May my cranky brain take a leave of absence and call in a substitute that likes to play games, sing songs and smiles.

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  1. i just leave a big hug here... stiffer chin up, poor thing.