Saturday, September 03, 2011

building shelves & shooing (sad) raccoons

we are still up to our eyebrows in book boxes and miscellaneous kitsch. in fact, a good number of those boxes are labeled in a kitschy-stchicky way. labels such as kitsch to end all kitsch, return of the kitsch & more kitsch than you can shale a kitschy-stick at. but before all those boxes can be emptied we need to get some shelves in order. there are plans for a shelf to fit behind the sofa and a wall unit in the living room for all my childrens' books. there are also plans for a table/desk dealio that the mister is workin on. it will attach to the wall in the living room and swivel one way for a desk and another way for a craft space. i am so excited to see it. there is a large swath of wood hanging out in the mama a-go-go's garage and every day after work, the mister bikes on over to cut and saw and saw and cut. I kinda just sit, twiddle the thumbs, plan dinner and panic about fitting in at my new job. it's a good, fun job but man, there is MUCH to remember and i hope i don't fail too much.

with all this change and waiting, there is a tiny smidge of a sad raccoon that has gotten its toe in the door. i'm trying to shoo it away as best i can but i made the MAJOR mistake of attempting clothes shopping. when there is a sad raccoon lurking about, never, EVER go clothes shopping or look in the mirror. mirror looking is simply an invitation for that sad raccoon to move on in and outstay its welcome from the get-go. you know me and change, i'm not really a fan, so here's to settling in and getting shelves up and maybe if i put that raccoon to work it will leave in a jiffy. the jiffiest of jiffies. here's hoping.

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  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Oh good golly, clothes shopping even on the best of days is usually enough to turn me into a sad raccoon! Which is why I spend most of my time hiding in baggy dresses three sizes too big.

    I hope you get to unpack all that kitsch real soon and that it lifts your spirits - how could it not??