Wednesday, September 14, 2011

apples & cracker crumbs

i totally thought today was thursday. which is why i told my boss at job-o number two that i could not work (not that i could have anyway as i had job-o number one today). good thing my noggin cleared and i got back on track and off to job-o number one. it was a super busy day full of kiddos and noise and crackers and apples. i pulled ten splinters out of one kiddo's palms and had another lean into me for a snuggle that left gooey cracker crumbs all over my neck. sigh. so delightful. 
after work, the sister a-go-go and i hightailed it to our favorite apple farm for many pounds of galas, empires, mutsus and bellflowers. we always think we are going to bake a pie or two but somehow the apples simply make it to our mouths on a daily basis until they are all gone. they are THAT good.
tomorrow i hang out at the new tiny casa awaiting the arrival of the man with the cables that will give our home some internet. i hope he shows and i hope it all works. while i wait, i plan on filling in the first set of bookcases the mister built for behind the sofa...good times, no?

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