Thursday, September 29, 2011

adventures in cake batter baking

This past summer, I spent a lot of time cozying up to a box of yellow cake mix. Here are the recipes I created/made (with happy links), clockwise from the top left:

*cake batter scones
*cake batter cookies
*basic yellow cake
*cake batter donut holes
*cake batter eye candy
*cake batter sugar buns
*cake batter fudge
*cake batter blondies
*three minute cake in a jar

*happy blondie batter!


  1. Mmm looks delicious!

  2. i loved this series.

    i want to try 'cake batter batter cakes' ... more simply known as cake batter pancakes.

    perhaps it could be part of my new 'trying something new series' ... thanks for your encouragement btw.

    hope things are well jek! hope our paths cross some day!