Monday, August 15, 2011

shelves would be good right about now

Last, last week when Rodney's timing belt blew, mr. a-go-go and I were on our way out to search for small dressers and other goodies to make the new tiny casa more like home. We are in need of shelves and book cases like crazy and mister really wants to build it all but with Rodney being the priority, everything else has been pushed onto the back burner so unpacking has been on hold.
I still have sixteen boxes of books that need a home and I have a sneaky suspicion they are all children's books. I do love my children's books and darned if it they don't act as a not-so-cheery reminder that we do not have wee kiddos. Sigh. It is difficult to part with them but sometimes I wonder what the point is if I have no one to share them with, ya know?

Aside from that moment of melancholy, there is goodness that pops up. There are glass jars full of wooden spools and vintage buttons and all sorts of other bits of happy, like silly toys and vintage kitchen gadgets and sock monkeys. All of which needs a place to call home.
For now, the boxes will have to wait. Unpacking will have to wait. Putting the casa in order will have to wait. Which means more time for planning, and planning (aka pinning) makes it all that much more fun.


  1. I have been engaged in the joyous activity of building paper mache furuniture. I suggest, unpack those boxes into temporary stacks & reuse them as the shelves you need. Stack them in interesting, (yet stable) configuration then get some wood glue, flour, water & newspaper & paper mache your heart out. When done, lightly sand, spray a sealant coat & then paint a happy color. Cheap, unique shelves. Can also screw through back to help brace. Just remember, lots of layers & make sure to thoroughly dry in between layers.

  2. Paper mache furniture? Wow, awesome! I wanna see pics of what you've created.