Wednesday, August 03, 2011

the new tiny casa: revisiting kitchen goodness

Yesterday I hung out at the new tiny casa. I know I shouldn't say hung out but we are still without phone or internet service and the mattress was finally to be delivered. Luckily, we have a space in a tiny orange room back at the Homestead a-go-go which is where we will be staying until oh...tonight!
As I waited for our brand-spanking new mattress to arrive, I whirled through four more kitchen boxes and greeted each lovely bit as I peeled away the newspaper that protected them all these months. If you had been a passerby you might have heard me cooing to my happy mugs and bowls. I even sang a greeting to my butter dish and cookie jar. It is nice to see these little bits of home again. I didn't even think I missed them until they were unwrapped. Long lost friends they were. So sweet to be reunited.
I also found the box of hangers so I decided to tackle the multitude of clothing boxes. We have two closets to hang clothes in and one is just for dresses. I've never had a dress closet before. How spoiled am I? Now, if only I could get my keister INTO said dresses I would be a happy, giddy girl. But that is a different sort of project, isn't it? Clothing boxes were tackled and coats went into the coat closet. Coat closet! And now I need to figure out what to do with my assorted pjs and unmentionables. Methinks I need a dresser as I sold my trunk at last year's garage sale. mr. a-go-go gets the bureau in the bedroom whilst I get the closets but still, a girl needs a special place for her unmentionables. 
Progress is slow going but it is going. Yay for new adventures!


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    That green thing in the sink in the second picture... is that a plate dryer rack? I found one the other day at a yard sale and got it but had no idea what it was, just thought it was neat. I'm so excited to see one here!

    msred5 at gmail dot com

  2. hi jessica!! long time no comment! i am so happy you are getting moved in to your new place and look forward to all the posts devoted to above mentioned! i first found your blog when you were living in los feliz and i always looked forward to your daily posts about getting your day started and pictures of your meals! welcome back to nestingland!xxxx

  3. I know you're going to make your new Casa super-cute and colorful! Looking forward to the photo updates! (Do you have any space for a tiny garden?)