Sunday, August 14, 2011

{meanwhile, back at the ranch}

**this may read as a rant, or a whine or really high maintenance. Really, I'm just frustrated right now and need to sort my brain out. Everything is a bit on the wonky side here in dillyland and my head is spinning and this is my space to vent...right? So, a rant is approaching and it is me all whiny-whiny so really, you don't need to read or comment. Just ignore me here. I'm in big time dork mode. Yeesh.

Do you know the saying: When it rains, it pours?

Well folks, a storm is a brewin' here in dilly-land. Not a bad storm, just a storm involving a lot of really, really bad timing.

For starters, I got a job. Two in fact. Whoo-hoo! One is as a teaching assistant and the other is an on-call gig for a local thrift shop. There were a few hoops to jump through for the teaching job. Nothing bad, I just had to get a physical and my fingerprints done and all that jazz and I have a set schedule which is really good for the on-call gig so they know they can call me on certain days to work. The only thing is the teaching job (aka job number one) doesn't officially begin until the last week of the month and even though I'm only going to be there two days a week, I NEED to be there for training and such which throws a rather unwieldy wrench into my availability for job number two.

Originally I was up for a full-time position at job number two but then job number one came along and I decided, it would be best for me to really focus on getting job number one. So I turned down job number two (are you confused yet?) for more than a few reasons. But then I got a phone call from job number two and they REALLY wanted me to work for them so offered me an on-call position. I took it but explained that there was a matter of poor timing involving when I would be fully able to be on-call. As long as I could hop on board and go to an orientation the very next day, they were okay with that, so I did. And then I did another orientation where I submitted my official availability with a round of apologies that this month had a serious lack of availability. I assured them that things would be on track in September. My new boss said okay, took my availability note on BRIGHT YELLOW paper and verified it all and said fine. And then, I even worked a full day. It was busy and good and crazy but good and I was and am excited to go back. However, this being a matter of stupid timing, I got a call from job number one letting me know which days I was needed for training. I wrote those down as well and turned them in to my boss at job number two feeling like the flakiest of flakes.

To make timing even more wonky, mr. a-go-go and I have a young visitor for the week, this week. Since mr. a-go-go does not get paid time off, and we now have stupid rent AND are in the market for a new (old) car, we can only afford for him to take two days off later in the week which means, my two normal days of availability for job number two are now NOT-available as I will be hanging out with our young visitor (which is a good thing). Toss in a craftzine deadline and a meeting at job number one and get the picture. Time? What time?

I also will need to add (and I cringe, I tell ya, cringe) that we will be driving our visitor back home and will be out of town for the weekend as well so there goes my other day of availability which I had already submitted to boss number two. Oy. I know I am coming off as really flakey and demanding but she knew the job was dangerous when she took it. Like I said. Working at job number two really won't be happening until September and I thought my boss number two understood that. Good thinking, no?

I thought wrong. I just got a phone call from job number two asking me to work tomorrow. Tomorrow being within the "unavailable to work Aug 12-22" timeline. It was my first call to come in and I had to say no. Mind you. If I say no three times in a row, I'm terminated. I don't want to be terminated. I don't. The person who called was confused when I reminded them that I was unavailable most of August save for the 23. It was then brought to my attention that I was on the schedule for this coming week. On the schedule. I'm on-call. How am I supposed to know I am on the schedule? Especially on a day I am unavailable? Oy. Now that makes two times I cannot work. I think I don't really understand this "on-call" description.

I had an inkling that working with this person from job number two might be interesting which is one of the reasons I declined a full-time position. I think it is time to have a meeting and ask to be explained how this whole on-call thing works. That is, if I still have a job there. Ooof! Um, also, like I've mentioned before, mr. a-go-go and I are without internet or phone or anything technical. I've been borrowing the wifi here at the homestead and have been writing up mini posts to be published throughout the week. Gotta love that kind of technology. Sir Rodney is up and running again but it is time to acknowledge his time is at most...lingering. So this week will be a bit of a mess. I have to get fingerprinted, write an article, amuse a ten year old (who prefers to be outdoors only), research techy home stuff, continue to unpack the new casa, meet up with boss number one, find a new (old) car and make sure mr. a-go-go does not fling himself off a cliff (poor man of mine).

As for today? Today I plan the menu for the week, prep the room for our Goose, work on that article and head out to a car dealer and see what we can see.

**See? Rant. Whiny-whiny. There is more, a bit more but man oh man, if I write that out I think I'll be flinging myself off the cliff along with the mister. Note to self, think happy thoughts.


  1. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Oh my Dear! This description of job one and two and how to handle everything around it even got me stressed whilst reading it! Wish I could help (unpack boxes, cook, playing with ten year old, cheer you up)!
    Good thing is you never lose your good mood!

  2. does it help to know that you are loved? Breathe deep & hum a happy tune & you will be ok.