Thursday, August 04, 2011

in which i show you i chose a pastel color for a change

You can see it as greenish or blueish, either way, I am finding it quite pretty. Soon, once I rustle up some new vintage sheets, there will be a return to making the bed. For now, you get a messy box filled bedroom with bits and pieces floating about and a bookshelf bed waiting, just waiting for books. And well, nevermind the fact that we underestimated the height of the mattress and it now covers half the headboard. We're gonna fix it with a couple of blocks of wood. More pics to come soon!
*the paint is Behr's pastel jade.


  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you made that bed with the shelves under it and if so, do you have a blog post describing how you made it.


  2. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, the mister made the bed. I have no idea how he did it as it involved lots of drawing and measuring. ;) He created the hard-flat first then added the sides of the shelves, etc. I may have pics in the flickr set of some of the process.