Friday, August 26, 2011

friday's confessional: august 26

I almost hung up on boss number two the other day. See, I have this thing about manners and etiquette. There is a basket brimming with unmannerly pet peeves of mine but the one that kills me (other than escalator etiquette, don't EVEN get me started) is when someone calls your home and asks for you by first name, or doesn't even ask, they just start talking to you with a bit too much familiarity and yer thinking "who the frick-frack is this?" without identifying themselves. Telemarketers, I know are trained to do business this way and since they always seem to call around dinnertime, it's a given and I'll just say no thank you and/or simply hang up. But boss-o number two called and the mama a-go-go answered and was completely thrown for a loop when boss-o did that familiarity thing AND thought it was her right to feel snippish. The confusing part for many folks involved is that both the sister a-go-go and I share the same first name. So if you call and simply ask for Jessica, ya gotta let us know which one AND you gotta let us know who YOU are, otherwise...we hang up.

By the time I took over the call, I think it would be safe to say that boss-o number two had her panties in a bunch. Once I clarified who she was (after she insisted I identify MYSELF) I told her how to properly execute a phone-call (don't mess with me). I was peeved as well (as I don't play with rudeness) and told her we were this-close to hanging up on her and she told me I had BETTER NOT hang up on HER and I told her, if I don't know who you are and you don't tell me what you are calling for then you get hung up on, plain and simple. Sheesh!

I'm sure she now regrets hiring me. I am such a pain after-all...don't ya know. And people wonder why I am not a fan of the phone....hee-hee.

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  1. I HATE the phone! Despise, detest, loathe...INTENSELY dislike!!