Saturday, August 20, 2011

another day for shells and such...

We went back to the cove to walk further up the creek and add to our shell collection.
We got there later than usual to find ourselves on a mostly empty beach. A cold, grey and windy mostly empty beach. Thank goodness for polar-fleece.
I had shorts on and since it was cold, I plopped myself down on the rocks to sift through all that goodness for jek treasures while mr. a-go-go and the goose wandered to the other side where Monday's visit offered up more shells than we could shake a stick at.
There is something very satisfying about the sound and feel of these rocks on this beach. I made little rock towers and possibly a new feathered friend before wandering to the other end.
It warmed up a smidge and I found a gorgeous whole snail shell...with its occupant still in residence. mr. a-go-go offered up two heart shaped rocks for me and I filled my right pocket with tiny shells.
After we had our fill, we tested out the cold creek waters and wandered in as far as we could before fallen trees and mossy moss barred our way. After a couple of stone skipping lessons from the pro (mr. a-go-go), we de-sanded our shoes and selves before heading to Sylvester's for burgers and fries...

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