Tuesday, August 09, 2011

an almost making the bed post

Most of the vintage linens are still in boxes protecting various jars of doll heads and doodads. I'm not sure it would help too much anyway to unpack them as the new bed is an upgrade...we got a queen. So now, all my vintage fitted sheets are too small which is a good thing as now I have no excuse to NOT use them in crafty bits. Alls I gotta do is tear out that elastic and get to cutting and stitching.

And since I have far too much to unbox and have been on a (mostly) thrifting hiatus I can now thrift with the purpose of looking for queen sized fitted sheets and that darn expandable coat rack thingamabob my mamos used to use for her mugs. I have a perfect spot for one and now aim to find one at the thrifts. I've seen them oodles but now that I want one...you know how it goes.

Now that I have a thrifting purpose I STILL have to wait. Saturday, when mr. a-go-go and I began our journey out to our favorite thrift in a town about 35 miles away, poor old Sir Rodney sputtered and died. He just went kaput! Luckily we were still in town and not yet on the highway and since we've had so much phone fiasco with that wretched company known as AT&T, we've been carting around our three-year old and barely used Tracphone (albeit reluctantly) so were able to call a tow-truck. I admit, it was one of those moments where a cell phone was handy. Knowing that Sir Rodney is getting on in years and miles we suspected and hope, hope, hoped it was a case of a shredded timing belt and it turns out it was! Phew! mr. a-go-go took apart all sorts of parts in Rodney's front end to find evidence of an after-party belt fiasco. He has since ordered parts so now we have to wait a week or so before Rodney is up and running. I begin my new work-gig (!) in town this week and am happy to say I can probably easily bike it so we're good to go.

Still, it puts a slight damper on unpacking plans as we are in need of shelves and wood to build said shelves but we'll make do, we always do. We're still phone-less and internet-less and am very grateful the homestead a-go-go is less than a mile away (with internet & family) and we have bikes and good legs for pedaling.

**does anyone out there use broadband2go? we're looking into some sort of cell phone/internet wifi dealio that will be less than $60 a month. we're also looking into appletv or something similar as we really do not want cable, just a wee bit of regular network channels and the ability to watch Netflix on our computer screen. i'm not even sure all i wrote is possible, don't fergit, i AM a techno-DUNCE!

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