Sunday, July 03, 2011

making lemonade {cake}

Last week was not of the hottest kind. I was out of whack and out of sorts thus not feeling too well. I tend to do that. Get physically ill when I am stressed out and I'm pretty good at stressing myself out. In an effort to cheer myself up, I picked up this magazine.** What? I know, see I told you I was old. Some gals go for Cosmo or People when they feel like sticking their heads in the sand. Me? I like to pick up recipes and crafty bits and sometimes even a new lipstick though lately I'm not feeling like I can pull off lipstick anymore.

So yesterday, I baked a cake. A lemonade cake, though this one was more of a pink lemonade cake as I happened to have frozen lemonade of the pink variety purchased a while back for some sort of pink project I wanted to do but didn't (the story of my life). We had some buttermilk that needed using up and summer is here so a lemonade cake it was.
The cake baked up nice and pretty and then I whomped up the frosting. I'm not really a frosting person but I still had a lot of frozen lemonade to use up and the recipe called for a whipped butter frosting using the frozen goodness so I thought, why not? I think the butter was too soft and the concentrate too melty. I had a whipped pink mess of curdledness that was so very not pretty. It was however mighty tasty and light on the tongue so I decided to ice up the cake anyway. It probably would have been less of a mess had I given the cake another hour to cool down. I didn't. What, me? Impatient? So I ended up with a not-very-pretty pink mess of a cake that was tastier than tasty, if not photo-worthy. I took pictures anyway after I had a hissy fit when everyone in the homestead started pestering me to slice it up. Baking with people around really irks up the photo-mojo and makes me feel rushed. I can't relish the time to take pics in different light and locations as the baked goodness tends to disappear the moment I wander out of the room. It's not a bad thing at all, being around people you enjoy. It just takes some getting used to.
So there ya have it, the life motto passed down from my mamos through an ill-gained gift plaque of utter tackiness*. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade {cake}.

**I also may have eaten more than three bowls of Lucky Charms (or, rather...Marshmallow Mateys) this week and watched far too many Netflix discs. We're talking seven episodes of True Blood, an entire disc from How I Met Your Mother and maybe a romantic comedy that I enjoyed far more than the critics or other public. Oh and I napped. A lot. but I also joined the family for a hike that had just enough ups and downs and wandered out after dark with the mister for a telescope date. Yeah, we're cool like that. I hope everyone has a delightful rest of the weekend and if yer in the states, Happy Fourth!

*I had thought I explained that story but I couldn't find it so it will have to be for another day. It's pretty twisted.


  1. you MUST continue with the lipstick! You look great in it :)