Monday, July 04, 2011

july 4th: odds & ends wreath

I am quite tardy in this wreath making post. I don't even have tutorialized photos of the whole shebang. Truthfully, I was stuckity stuck on it for more than a week but it all came together (somewhat) just in the nick of time. Phew!
To begin with, I think I asked mr. a-go-go to cut too large a wreath shape for me. That is what I get when I answer "steering wheel sized" to the question of "how big"? I had the egg cartons all painted up and imagined them to be all fire-worky but when I liberated them from each other they looked less like fireworks and more like...painted egg cartons?
My next mistake was gluing on the crepe paper ruffle before I had a chance to wrap any yarn or string or twine around the large white donut thing. That kept me quite limity-limited.
I kept playing around with the cut egg carton bits placing them all the way around the wreath, stacking them on top of each other, clustering them to one side or the other...balancing them on my head as if they were tiny hats.
Thank goodness I rediscovered a small stack of small white doilies. I think the doilies saved the day. Rather than plan it all out, I kinda just dumped them in place added glue and hoped for the best.
I would really like to thank those cupcake liners. If not for them I do not think the egg carton bits would be making any appearance except of course as tiny hats. I should have planned a parade. So there ya go, a holiday wreath created from scavenged recyclables. A cardboard box for the wreath shape, stitched crepe paper trim and bow and a smattering of paper doilies, cupcake liners and tiny paper carton cups.

Happy Fourth of July! May you have all sorts of pic-nic-y fun on pretty blankets with oodles of homebaked goodies, fresh fruit and lemonade.

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  1. Awesome project, Jek! My kids will love it!
    Happy Fourth!