Friday, July 08, 2011

friday's confessional: july 8

Today's confession is a bit frivolous and not at all embarrassing or thought provoking. I could go there but I'm duking it out with some angry allergies and am far too tired to get wordy on you. Today's confession is all about gift wrap.
I love wrapping gifts. LOVE it. I think this is why I like giving gifts, the wrapping part. Once, I even wrapped my own birthday gifts. Yup, I'm that dorky. And did you know that I created coloriffic swap-o-rama purely for selfish reasons involving gift wrap?
I also like to plan a color theme for my holiday wrap. The planning begins in August (sometimes sooner). I've used record bowls, cereal boxes, cloth bags and glass bottles to wrap gifts in. Once, I even used a piƱata.
Earlier this week, it was the mama-a-go-go's birthday. While I managed to tone it down for the gifts, I kinda went all out on the wrap. Color coordinated...of course (and sometimes chicken coordinated).
What geeky thing to you obsess over?


  1. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Oh I obsess about giftwrap, too! I'm almost anal about matching the paper to the tag or card, and having both compliment the gift as well. I'm even WORSE at Christmas, when I insist that the wrapping and the tree decorations "go together" - I can't have gifts wrapped in brown kraft paper and twine under a tree full of retro ornaments and silver garland from the '50s, nor can I have gifts wrapped in silver paper and flocked red ribbon under a tree decorated with woodsy mushrooms and gnomes.

    And yet in other areas of my life I don't care at all if things match or not. My mother and grandmothers never worried about getting gift wrap details "just right," so it isn't learned behavior. And I have never worshipped at the altar of Martha Stewart, either. So, I guess it's just one of my quirks.

    We could have worse obsessions, Jek!

    All the best - Kim

  2. I love that you obsess over wrapping. I am THE WORST person to give gifts to (at least I admit it) because I hate presents... I hate "stuff" but I love things that are wrapped pretty. This year one of my friends who truly gets me beautifully wrapped me an empty box... BEST GIFT EVER!