Thursday, July 21, 2011

epic chaos

Yesterday seemed to have been sponsored by the word CHAOS. I do believe I sat on my rear in front of the computer for far more hours than I care to admit. There were emails upon emails to write and answer. Important phone calls to execute, anxiety to be battled and jobs to be applied to.

In between coordinating a walk-thru time with our new landlords and working on two craft articles, I battled it out with the U-haul guy regarding drop off time for our truck which he cut drastically. I also kept mr. a-go-go in the loop, applied for three jobs, researched allergies and mattress info, nursed a newly hatched butterfly, uploaded photos to flickr, edited photos from the last two days, shared a sneak pic of the apartment on facebook and for fun, created an imaginery registry on Pinterest. I also managed to get all my magazine subscriptions on their way to the new address...I think.

It was even busier than it sounded and thank goodness for creating that fun list, otherwise the day would have been extra chaotic and stressful. An a-go-go girl needs a little pretty in her life, even if it is all pretend.

After I finally managed to get myself out of that blasted chair, I had successfully coordinated a good time for our walk-thru and got the U-haul guy to give us back all but one of the four hours he tried to take away. As for the butterfly...I'm not sure she made it but here's to hoping nature took care of her, one way or another.

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