Sunday, July 31, 2011

ask and you shall receive aka mr. a-go-go is the cats pajamas

mr. a-go-go was determined to build a platform bed with room for storage underneath like the one he built for the old tiny casa de a-go-go. I gently asked him if he could maybe make it a bit more pretty than the last one as I didn't think we would need to be shoving boxes of LPS and/or homemade etsy products and such underneath. Our new tiny casa has some pretty happy storage going on.
And because I am a fan of Pinterest, I nudged him over to the laptop to view a platform bed/bookcase I was quite fond of and we came to a compromise. The new tiny casa is, after all, a bit on the small side. He's been working on it everyday this week and thankfully, the new mattress has yet to arrive (though really, it should be here by now) so we will be able to move it all into the bedroom at the same time.

Later today, we paint it all up. I can't wait to see it all finished! 


  1. That is one hand Mr. and love the idea of a bookcase platform bed. Maybe I can show this to my Mr. and he'll get inspired.

  2. That's quite a fella you got there!!

  3. There is nothing he couldn't build.