Sunday, July 31, 2011

ask and you shall receive aka mr. a-go-go is the cats pajamas

mr. a-go-go was determined to build a platform bed with room for storage underneath like the one he built for the old tiny casa de a-go-go. I gently asked him if he could maybe make it a bit more pretty than the last one as I didn't think we would need to be shoving boxes of LPS and/or homemade etsy products and such underneath. Our new tiny casa has some pretty happy storage going on.
And because I am a fan of Pinterest, I nudged him over to the laptop to view a platform bed/bookcase I was quite fond of and we came to a compromise. The new tiny casa is, after all, a bit on the small side. He's been working on it everyday this week and thankfully, the new mattress has yet to arrive (though really, it should be here by now) so we will be able to move it all into the bedroom at the same time.

Later today, we paint it all up. I can't wait to see it all finished! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

i really shouldn't have

but I couldn't help it. I mean look at all that goodness. A kitchen bin in aqua with a rooster? It is so nifty I had to take a picture of it twice. A new-for-me vintage sheet for the (hopefully) soon-to-arrive new upsized mattress (now I need NEW vintage as all my OLD vintage is now too small for the bed)? And that throw, isn't it swooneriffic? It has tassels. TASSELS! Oh and the little tin molds are for a project I have in the noggin and the glass jar with the pink cherubs was just too pretty to pass up and the floral embroidered tote was because I had no available tote and this one was super pretty and priced just right.. And of course the trivet with the birdie tile and the rooster top simply had to come home with me. I spent $15 for the whole kit and caboodle. Just pretend I don't already have 3,472 boxes to unpack already, okay?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

friday's confessional: july 28

My hair and I right now are in conflict.

I got it cut a few weeks ago because even though all those pretty loopy-lazy braids on Pinterest are just so darn pretty and my hair was almost-almost long enough support them, it seems the overall aura that is me did not. It was like junior high all over again. All the cool kids are doing it and it looks so darn pretty, come on, do it. The reality is I felt like an imposter.

The fella who cuts my hair is kinda hipper-than-hip. He's a swell guy and all, very stylish and still young enough to think he knows everything. He's even admitted to it, which is why I like him. After one too many mornings of feeling like my flyaway hair could be molded into the flying-nun's habit I carried myself to his chair and pleaded with him to chop it off. He didn't want to. He said he thought it looked great. I snorted back that of course he did, HE was the one to cut it in the first place. He wished he could have my hair and I told him I wanted his (he has a great 'do). We compromised and he chopped off bits and pieces taking the length off but keeping it long enough to sport jek-sized knot-knots. He styled it and chatted away and handed me the mirror which is when I realized...

He thinks I'm a soccer mom.

Or maybe he just thinks I'm old and not at all hip. Now I know; this is the point where reconciliation with our inside selves and our outside selves go (goes?) head to head. I might appear somewhat sloppy-racoonish and frumpier than I want to be but inside I'm still hoping to wear my plaid old man flood-trousers, slinky t-shirt (as in the toy) and saddle shoes while I sing Redd Kross songs in my head. Oy. Why does this have to happen when I turn 40? Is this cosmic humor come in to play?

While I like the jek-sized knot knots, I'm afraid the cut has run away with my curl and more often than not I wake up with my hair kinda all rocker-girl crazy a la Suzi Quatro. Yesterday it was full on Leather and I tried to take a picture to show you, I really did but every single pic I took looked like some imposter-soccer-mom jumped into the frame.

So, my hair and I have been partaking in fisticuffs. It kinda-sorta-and-I'm-not-even-joking-here makes me want to get a perm. A spiral perm to be exact. A classic 1980s mop-topped Shirley Temple kind of perm. And lest you think I'm kookier than Charo in fringed hot-pants here is my confession: I once had a spiral perm. I even requested it. Not only that but the compelling factor in wanting the perm in the first place came from Madonna. And I wasn't even a Madonna fan except for Vogue which was awesome. It was her hair in Express Yourself video. It was over the top fantastic and I wanted it. I wanted it enough to actually march into a hair salon, combat boots and all and tell the poofy-haired stylist that I wanted my hair to look like Madonna's (only orange, not blonde). So she did and it was perfect.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am surrounded by boxes and empty closets.
The kitchen has been cleaned and the refrigerator is spotty-spot-spotless. I have even placed a beautiful bowl of locally grown grapes inside. They are quite dazzling.
Billy and Francine are camping out in the bedroom as is our happy headboard. Mister built a bed out of boxes so we could estimate the size and remaining floorspace until our brand spanking new mattress arrives. As I type this however, he is outside the homestead building me a platform bed that has "bookcases" along the bottom. He's kinda cool like that, even when he reprimands me or dusting without the crazy mask on.
After three hours of being surrounded I managed to dust and clean all the windows and accept defeat at an idea I had to cover pretty gift wrap with clear contact paper to line the kitchen cabinets. I might have thrown a wee bit of a tantrum and I might have been all crankified.
The crankiness didn't last. How could it when I find things like this in one of the thought-to-be-empty closets and boxes full of robots and kitsch?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I discovered that falling jacaranda blossoms sing much like fat raindrops on a summer's day. The pop, plop, pop kept turning my head and I saw them...purple blossoms falling from the sky, lazily floating down in no hurry to their surrender. If only I had my camera with me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

rainbows finished

I made these for a one year old's first birthday. They were snuggled into the goodie bags for the babies. I think maybe I should have snuck one home for myself. Adorable! 
one in every color

Sunday, July 24, 2011


The New Tiny Casa!
living room & kitchen
I took these pics before we moved our plethora of doodads and boxes of kitsch into the space. At first it seemed quite daunting to think everything would fit. We know that everything came OUT of the tiny casa which was tinier than our new space but after living for more than a year without our stuff it would seem our stuff now freaks us out.
living room
This new space was built in the early 1950s and is so plentiful in closets and cabinets we can hardly contain ourselves knowing we can sort out doodads and kitsch so as not to become weighed down by it all. My goal is to further purge which will be difficult. Most of the objects I have been tightly holding onto were tightly in my grasp for the idea of more space someday. Mind you, not a whole lot more space but something akin to another bedroom or craft space. It doesn't look like the mister and I will be having that anytime soon and as much as I fell like at 40 I should be able to have "moved up" in the world of apartment living, I'm okay with letting go. I don't think I want to dig into my pocketbook of could-bes and let its emptiness color my world. As my friend Amy recently said to me...I'm going to embrace the life I have.
hall storage!
bedroom closet
And do you know? It's a pretty good one. This life that I have.

Friday, July 22, 2011

friday's confessional: july 22

Sorry folks, I have no energy for a confessional today unless you want me to wax poetic over my love of So you Think You Can Dance and/or America's Next Top Model. I may not watch any other reality shows but I can't seem to turn my head away for these two. I even find myself jazz walking around the homestead during the commercial breaks. I'm THAT dorky. I do love to dance though. I wish I had stuck with it.

Now that we're moving into the new tiny casa, we're finding that the more realistic rent (meaning NOT what we were lucky enough to pay in L.A.) may be keeping us from any technological-ness. We have a phone that actually plugs into the wall (recently purchased for two smackeroos) and we may have a boxy-boxy television that will hopefully accept our digital box but there really isn't any extra moolah for internet or cable. Cable I can totally live without but internet? Aack! We're looking into all the cheapy solutions, but in a town, on a street, shoulder to shoulder with college kids we may be hard pressed to actually get any speed out of anything.Thank goodness there is a 24 hour donut shop not too far from the new casa that offers up wifi. I wonder if I could get a job there?

This random assortment of pics includes our new-old phone which I will be doing something to and our new-old chairs which the mister will be doing something to. Actually, he already has as they were purchased black, so he has been sanding sanding sanding away at them for a week now.

Pics of the new tiny casa coming soon, soon, soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

epic chaos

Yesterday seemed to have been sponsored by the word CHAOS. I do believe I sat on my rear in front of the computer for far more hours than I care to admit. There were emails upon emails to write and answer. Important phone calls to execute, anxiety to be battled and jobs to be applied to.

In between coordinating a walk-thru time with our new landlords and working on two craft articles, I battled it out with the U-haul guy regarding drop off time for our truck which he cut drastically. I also kept mr. a-go-go in the loop, applied for three jobs, researched allergies and mattress info, nursed a newly hatched butterfly, uploaded photos to flickr, edited photos from the last two days, shared a sneak pic of the apartment on facebook and for fun, created an imaginery registry on Pinterest. I also managed to get all my magazine subscriptions on their way to the new address...I think.

It was even busier than it sounded and thank goodness for creating that fun list, otherwise the day would have been extra chaotic and stressful. An a-go-go girl needs a little pretty in her life, even if it is all pretend.

After I finally managed to get myself out of that blasted chair, I had successfully coordinated a good time for our walk-thru and got the U-haul guy to give us back all but one of the four hours he tried to take away. As for the butterfly...I'm not sure she made it but here's to hoping nature took care of her, one way or another.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

so far, this is how we've been spending our week

well, sort of. in between everyday workish stuff. we've narrowed it down to three. the one we really like is not the best choice for allergies however...what to do? what to do?
I know, thrilling, right? We pick up the truck rental this Friday and move in on Saturday, too bad yer all too far away to help. Wheeee!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

rainbows in progress

A couple of weeks ago, the mister & I headed down to Los Angeles to celebrate little Pip's one year birthday. The theme was rainbows and me being auntie jek, a request for a happy birthday garland and itty bitty favors was granted.  Here's a wee peek at the favors-in-progress...

Monday, July 18, 2011

a little eye candy

as it seems I have fallen off the blogging wagon...
I turned this recipe into a scone recipe and now I am in love.
This week is kookier than kooky. The mister and I finally, finally, finally found a place of our own. It is almost as tiny as the casa de a-go-go but with more closets and a kitchen that won't have us bumping into each other. It is both a good thing and a scary thing as I still have not found consistent employment and the rent is high enough we're not sure we can afford internet so things may be trickling in dillydilly land. We move this Friday, wish us luck!

Friday, July 08, 2011

friday's confessional: july 8

Today's confession is a bit frivolous and not at all embarrassing or thought provoking. I could go there but I'm duking it out with some angry allergies and am far too tired to get wordy on you. Today's confession is all about gift wrap.
I love wrapping gifts. LOVE it. I think this is why I like giving gifts, the wrapping part. Once, I even wrapped my own birthday gifts. Yup, I'm that dorky. And did you know that I created coloriffic swap-o-rama purely for selfish reasons involving gift wrap?
I also like to plan a color theme for my holiday wrap. The planning begins in August (sometimes sooner). I've used record bowls, cereal boxes, cloth bags and glass bottles to wrap gifts in. Once, I even used a piƱata.
Earlier this week, it was the mama-a-go-go's birthday. While I managed to tone it down for the gifts, I kinda went all out on the wrap. Color coordinated...of course (and sometimes chicken coordinated).
What geeky thing to you obsess over?

Thursday, July 07, 2011

recipe: cake batter sugar buns

Do you remember this recipe? With a little yellow cake mix magic, I turned 'em into cake batter sugar buns! Sooo good!
 All you need is the crescent rolls that are round. You can of course make your own from scratch but those would prolly be just as delicious on their own. To make it all cake battery,  add a quarter cup of yellow cake mix to a cup or so of cream cheese frosting and prepare...make sure you seal the ends though. I had a bit of a mishap because I forgot to do this and least it was pretty.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

guest blogging: the pink couch

 I'm a guest-postin' over at The Pink Couch! Hop on over for some papery quilty goodness!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

scenes from the 4th...

 mister a-go-go and I joined the sister a-go-go jr. & family for a July 4th picnic and fireworks adventure on the beach. With the adventure bag full of picnic food; quilt and camera in hand, we were off! I didn't actually take many pics and only wished I'd wandered up to main street with it in hand to capture the splendidity of red, white & blue. Instead, you get happy colors and sand...
 Earlier in the day there was a sandcastle contest. Most of the sculptures had been washed away and/or destroyed by the time we got there. It didn't stop the nephew from a lickity-split tour only an eight year old could deliver. He dashed about from one to the other faster than we could approach the first one. Reminded me of a zoo adventure with some nanny charges years ago. Ah, the attention span of a child who has many interests and too much to see. It was especially nice to see him holler out "Hey! That man is destroying the crab!" as we watched an adult kick in a sand sculpture with barely an expression on his face. Ah, humanity (I know, my punctuation is horrible, it always has been).
 I wandered up to the main street once to accompany the brother-a-go-go (in law) for a cuppa. The tiny coffee shop we wandered into had almost been cleaned out. I wish I had remembered to bring my travel mug as they were all out of lids. However the cup did make a nice receptacle for our cherry pits.
 And I only slightly regret drinking that coffee as I forgot about beverage consequences and the need to relieve one's bladdery-bits. Relievance of such kind is never a walk in the park when at a happily populated event and portable privacy chamber (pots). Have I told you how much I love my p-style? Seriously. I really do. If objects could be married to, this would be my honey-bunny. Girlie-friends, if you do not have one, you MUST remedy this (and you, my friend, consider yourself remedied, times two).
 The nephew a-go-go dug himself a fox-hole in which to observe the fireworks (which were spectacular). He spent the entire day digging away and assisted a neighboring group of older boys in a hole so deep it filled with water and we were quite a ways away from the waves. My favorite moment was overhearing him scold an older boy who was throwing, THROWING  a real honest-to-goodness sharp-tippy-tipped shovel as if it were a missile. His words were..."Dude, seriously, you need to stop throwing the shovel. Seriously!" The boy has been hanging around me too much.
hope your 4th of July and/or Monday was dandy!

Monday, July 04, 2011

july 4th: odds & ends wreath

I am quite tardy in this wreath making post. I don't even have tutorialized photos of the whole shebang. Truthfully, I was stuckity stuck on it for more than a week but it all came together (somewhat) just in the nick of time. Phew!
To begin with, I think I asked mr. a-go-go to cut too large a wreath shape for me. That is what I get when I answer "steering wheel sized" to the question of "how big"? I had the egg cartons all painted up and imagined them to be all fire-worky but when I liberated them from each other they looked less like fireworks and more like...painted egg cartons?
My next mistake was gluing on the crepe paper ruffle before I had a chance to wrap any yarn or string or twine around the large white donut thing. That kept me quite limity-limited.
I kept playing around with the cut egg carton bits placing them all the way around the wreath, stacking them on top of each other, clustering them to one side or the other...balancing them on my head as if they were tiny hats.
Thank goodness I rediscovered a small stack of small white doilies. I think the doilies saved the day. Rather than plan it all out, I kinda just dumped them in place added glue and hoped for the best.
I would really like to thank those cupcake liners. If not for them I do not think the egg carton bits would be making any appearance except of course as tiny hats. I should have planned a parade. So there ya go, a holiday wreath created from scavenged recyclables. A cardboard box for the wreath shape, stitched crepe paper trim and bow and a smattering of paper doilies, cupcake liners and tiny paper carton cups.

Happy Fourth of July! May you have all sorts of pic-nic-y fun on pretty blankets with oodles of homebaked goodies, fresh fruit and lemonade.