Thursday, June 16, 2011

revisiting the loveliness

A few weeks ago I was in Los Angeles and was fortunate enough to spend a very full day with one of my favorite persons. We easily fell into our favorite kind of day that began an ended with coffee. We shared a berry buckle or maybe it was a cobbler, either way it was DELICIOUS.
There was coffee to start and then ice tea after we talked ourselves hoarse. I asked for whole milk in my latte but methinks that foam atop is non-fat. nothing foams up as nicely as non-fat, just so ya know.
There were also scones. Bacon, cheddar and black pepper to start and this lovely lavender beauty came home with me. I even wrote about it on paper. I should transcribe that bit of happy here.
We enjoyed all this goodness at The Little Flower Candy Co. which is all sorts of awesome. You can tell by this nifty bubble-gum style machine full of seed bombs. I want to put these everywhere. Too divine!
After a Target run (Yes, a Target run) that lasted um...hours, we picked up the kiddos from after-school fun and hightailed it to another coffee place to enjoy cool beverages, happy sunlight, sweet chatter and the kiddos. I am so happy that I get to see them via the blog, otherwise their height changes and growing-up might make me cry in front of them instead of the happy weepy moments I have at home. Swoon!
I may only get my keister down to Los Angeles once in awhile but it is super comforting to know that it still feels like home and friends and goodness and happy.


  1. Oh, darlingest!
    I know I've said it a zillion times, but I just LOVE how you and I slip right into a 'normal' day when you're here, and it feels like you're still just down the road...
    And so's you knows, those two grow right in front of my eyes each day, and I get weepy right in front of them (okay so I'm IN FRONT OF THEM because I'm in the FRONT SEAT driving them somewhere, and I tweak the rear-view mirror just enough that they can't see me).
    I love you so! WE love you so!
    xoxo and a hearty cup o'joe,

  2. oh and that mosaic view of TAOAZ is so darn cooooool!