Monday, June 27, 2011

mondays are for reflections: june 27

There has been a wee bit of heart-heavy ick floating about these past two weeks in dilly-land. It's the kind that exploded in a moment and has a lingering effect that makes me feel like I have been royally dumped and I wake up every morning, too early with an anxiousness in my belly. The "wee-bit" part is me trying to make light though really, I can't but every day begins anew and I move forward.
Aside from icky-ick, I did get to visit with two new friends on three separate occassions! Well, whadduya know, I can be social. Meals were cooked, crafting was done and a little cake batter adventuring was adventured. I worked on articles, sent out resumes and applied for apartments. Sadly, mister and I were declined yet another living space as it appears what we can afford is smaller than small and owners/landlords prefer the smaller than small spaces go to one person not two, and most definitely not two a-go-gos. Sigh. We keep trying to let them all know that we know smaller than small and actually would love a Tumbleweed abode or a trailer or a garden shed, or...or...or...

So, we keep trying.

On Friday we partook in donuts for an art night in town and really did do our best to socialize. We're really not good in a crowd and as obnoxious as we are, we are fairly introverted in an extroverted way. We did get chatty with a new friend or two and the donuts were quite tasty and we walked so hey, it wasn't a bust a'tall.
Saturday however was a sort-of bust. We hit up a church rummage sale in search of cookie tins and potholders. We're broke folks so we had specifics in mind and not a potholder or tin in sight. Crazy! We did break our tiny piggy bank on a mini marble run set for the nephew and a boxy vintage suitcase and folding yardstick for myself. Not too shabby for a $1.50. The prices were right even without our preferred items.
Mister finished my new-new cookie tin uke (hence the hunt for cookie tins). It is most gorgeous and loud and so swoon-worthy. If my eyes ever sparkle when he is around, they sparkle more because of his dandiness. I haven't picked up any uke for far too long and I had to retrain my fingers to find their places. I'm am far-far from musical and after (cough, six) years of "playing" I can give ya a super wonky version of alphabutt and only alphabutt. I can, however, do a mean pony and twist so there is that. Right?

On Sunday, we hit up the local swap-meet in search of, yup, cookie tins and potholders. I was also looking for things to photograph for Poppytalk's Summer Colours Week. I got in one good photograph alas no potholders or cookie tins. I did see the most amazing older gentleman in the bestest of the best two-inch wide screaming yellow, ruler suspenders inch his way up and down each aisle aided by his walker and I seriously worked on being brave enough to ask him for a photo but I wussed out. I may have been slightly distracted by a sad little handmade sock doll...maybe. I'm still kicking myself for not asking. I am not kicking myself for forking over a dollar for the doll. It is most unusual. Completely unnecessary but fantastically quirky. I also shelled out a dollar for a (not very pc) chalkware figurine and wooden "leave a message" box while mr. a-go-go scored a mini amp for five. He's going to try to make an electric uke. Here's hoping the amp works. He thought five would be okay to drop in case it didn't.
We also went in search of fire works but it seems ya can't sell fire works on Sunday. Either that or all the stands were sold out. Drats. And that's it. Not a whole lot of internal reflection going on, at least the kind I want to write about right now. Instead, Mondays will be a new kind of week in review, sans the photo mosaic. This week will be more of the same. Writing and searching and searching and writing. Oh and Poppytalk's Summer Colours Week. Stay tuned!


  1. What size tins do you need, and do they have to have their lids? I have a couple in the house I would send in a cheery crafty care package if they'll work.

  2. aw, thanks sachita! yup, lids are needed...we're looking for 8"-12"...;)

    happy monday!