Friday, June 24, 2011

friday's confessional: june 24

I don't have an average track record when it comes to "Hollywood" crushes. While most of young feminine peers were off crushing on John Travolta (it was the seventies folks and Grease had just come out) I was planning my future as the Mrs. Dr. Pepper Guy. Yup, I had a crush on that guy from An American Werewolf in London only I knew him as the Dr. Pepper Guy.
My memory is foggy really but I remember my mother really ribbing me hard about it. Especially when at my school talent show, one of the sixth graders who played piano looked a heck of a lot like him. I remember her all elbow-jabby nudging me and whispering how cute he was. Mind you folks, I was 8. Nice, mom. I think what I liked is that he sang AND danced a lot like Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire and being that my mother raised me on Hollywood Musicals, singing and dancing nestled heavily into my crush radar. It helped too that he was the Dr. Pepper guy as I quite liked that soda and thought if I married him we'd be fizz happy for life. Before that it was Peter from The Monkees. I recognized his dorkiness right away and felt we could be very good friends. It seems my nerd-guy crush habit began young. What can I say, I'm a trendsetter.
After my Monkee man and the Dr. Pepper guy faded out and I began Junior High, most of my girlie peers were waxing poetic over Duran Duran and the like. I think the big argument was over whether or not it was John Taylor or Nick Rhodes who was cuter. Both of them failed my fashion sense test as I was still geeking out over Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly but I added Danny Elfman to the mix. Hey, red hair, eyeliner, fire breather...Danny Elfman and a ninth grader named Martin Trammel who to me looked just like Gene Kelley if Gene was (were?) a punk rocker with spiky-like black hair. Oh and don't fergit Duckie. John Cryer was okay but Duckie was the man.

In high-school the girlie-os had moved on to Michael Stipe and Mel Gibson and I opened my circle a wee bit wider and tossed in Daniel Day Lewis, Julian Sands and this adorable blonde guy in my class that I never ever knew but admired from afar (and he had the awesome moniker of Charles. Swoon...Charles!)

In my twenties, it was Jonathon Pryce or as I called him, "that guy from the Infiniti commercials". I still kept the other boys close to my heart but I wasn't NOT going to add more to my collection. Next came Kevin Spacey, there is just something about him all creepiness aside that I adore. I still have a crush on him.
Now that I'm all growed-up, I find myself crushing hard on the mister. Everyday (except when he drives me batty) I count my lucky geeky stars that I found a dork of a mister. Not only does he sing and dance but he sews and cooks and humors me and my zany ideas. Before I met him, I had this whole theory of the "kind" of guy I thought I would like and while he more than makes up for it, he doesn't match it in so many other ways (have I told you about the list?) and I am so glad I threw it all out the window. Still, I need to write out my "theory" as this lady is always asking me to go through it again so I will, someday on a Friday not far away. Who were your oddball crushes? Go on share, it is confessional Friday afterall...


  1. Wow, you've brought back a lot of memories - I always thought Peter from the Monkees was pretty cute too. I was into Shawn Cassidy for a while. And John Taylor was my Duran Duran choice. And I had a huge crush on John Cusack and then Dennis Quaid. A few years ago, I was smitten with Matt Damon. Actually, when I was younger, I had a total crush on my now-husband, then we parted ways for 15 or so years, and then our paths crossed again. Now we're married and have two boys! Life it funny.

  2. Starting when I was 12 and saw "Harold and Maude" for the first time I had SUCH a crush on Bud Cort. (Had it been the early seventies rather than the late 80s I guess my crush would not have been odd.)

  3. omg I had such a crush on David Naughton. Now I'm going to have "Makin' It" stuck in my head all week. Thank you :]

    p.s. love your yellow poppytalk photos.

  4. Oh, Peter Tork! I adore him, too. As long as we're confessing, I'll tell you how mad I was/still am about all the Monkees--in fact, I have met Davy and Micky in person, and managed to tell them both I love them. I'm not too proud! Throw in David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Timothy Hutton, Andy Gibb, Donny Osmond, Jimmy Buffett, and now on my own darling mister. You can see I'm a child of the 70's too...

  5. oh my god! were we separated at birth??? i was NUTS about peter tork in the sixties! and also the dr. pepper guy! and ALSO danny elfman!!! sigh. also in the sixties, i was madly in love with mark lindsey of paul revere and the raiders *swoon* xoxo he now lives in portland and owns a cool hollywood rocker cafe!

  6. I also had a huge crush on Peter from the Monkees! :o)