Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we're on our third day of rain

Mister has taken Rodney to work, the witch-baby is fed, my morning mocha is almost cold already and I think it is grey enough for baking. I didn't sleep well last night, not a good day for the brain unless pity parties are your thing. Hey, it's something I'm really good at when I let loose. Oh, boo-hoo!*

I've got a couple of work articles to put together, a birthday garland and gift to stitch up, an interview outfit to plan and a weekend bag to pack for our quick L.A. juant this week. No reason not to do any of those things, it's just grey and not even 7am and I think there is still sleep in my eyes. How do those of you who live in far-greyer states do it? This third day of ick is bumming me out in a supreme fashion (hence the party, methinks).
I'm also super-super behind on a super secret fun thing in the works and well, if yer anything like me, once you get behind and there is a maybe-deadline the whole thing snowballs out of control and the next thing you know you are pulling an all-nighter that lasts a week or so. I really need to focus. Focusing is NOT one of my strong suits (unless is a pity-party). And since it is super secret, I cannot list all the things I still have to complete but there is sewing and writing and planning involved and no, it is NOT a book though I really wish it were. It should be, shouldn't it? At least that is what people tell me. Oh, boo-hoo!*
Well now, how's this for a ramble and a post? Like I said, it is barely 7am and it has been raining for days and my allergies are on middle-low alert (is there a color for that?) and I'm lacking in any sort of physical activity so my brain is probably not producing enough of the happy hormones which in turn makes me wonderful company. So rather than whiney-whine any more than I have already done, I leave you with yet another pinterest recipe. Gorgonzola Garlic Bread. I know, right? The recipe comes from Thibeault's Table and I used it for garlic bread AND open faced sandwiches. As a result, I've been laying off the bread this week but man, last-last week? It was a bread-for-all kind of week. Enjoy! Oh and we had it with a lemon pepper pappardelle with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and green salad with a homemade garlic balsamic dressing. Quite delicious. Quite. I'm kinda over pasta but these noodles are super filling and tasty. The salad is one we have pretty much all the time. Though we are also on a cucumber and cabbage kick, must be the soon-to-be-summer mentality.

*At least I can still make fun of myself...insert crooked grin here.


  1. the food... looks delicious! oh my. i'm totally salivating.

    and yes, you should write a book. what's stopping you?

  2. hi jessica!
    it's raining down here in la too. all this gloom can really play havoc with the ol' nogin. i feel a little out of sorts and think i am on the verge of a pity party myself. baking a batch of cookies doesn't even sound good! what's a fragile mind to do?

  3. hi geri!

    maybe looking at pictures of cookies? or kitties? or quilts? or the beach? i suggest pinterest, sudoku or doris day!

  4. doris day it is! now there's a ray of sunshine! thanks jessica!xxxx

  5. Mmmm...that looks so yummy! I'm hungry now!!

  6. me too Carrie, I'm starving! geri, this song never fails to make me feel good.

  7. Yum! Looks amazing. The whole meal, really.


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