Friday, March 04, 2011

in lalaland

the mister & i have been in los angeles all week and won't return home until next. there has been visiting and good eats and all around swell times. thrift shops have been shopped at and shopped at and shopped at. yay for pink wool sweaters and happy vintage sheets! Target has been visited um...twice and i managed to create a much needed craft epiphany for a very important, exciting and slightly overwhelming undertaking. more about that  later, stay tuned. other than all them swell times, i did get to have a most excellent face to face meeting with this dazzling craft writer extraordinaire. can we say instant connection? swoon!
i haven't been taking pictures like i usually do but here is a smidge of the sights we have sighted. next up, a much needed and highly anticipated belated birthday weekend with my two favorite ladies. i. cannot. wait!

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  1. Awwwwww!! I haven't been taking pictures like i normally do either. And my polaroid film must have been old because all our pix were over exposed. We look like friendly ghosties!

    Miss you already!! BIG HUG!