Thursday, March 10, 2011

birthday getaway: the digs

Our destination for the evening was The Farmer's Daughter in Los Angeles. It is conveniently located across the street from one of the most populated and frequented outdoor malls ever (and one of my most favorite places...The Original Farmer's Market). We however, loaded with mojito fixings, sugar, salt and flicks never found a reason to leave the room. It was pajama time!
I kinda guessed where we would be sleeping for the night, but I had no idea it would be decked out a la jek with fun paper confetti, paper lanterns and all sorts of lovely treatiness. My girls are sneaky that way.
There was also a plan as there usually is, not that we got to it that night but there were bags and bags of yarn in crazy jek colors and a handful of crochet hooks just itching to be used. Girlie-o number two even got a head start on a bunch of grannies that paid tribute to the gorgeous blanket I pinned to my birthday board.
Instead, we embraced the booze, the cheese, the bread, the chocolate and settled in for more jibber-jabber and a viewing of one of my favorite flicks before getting our forty winks, nestled between the covers of the king-sized bed.

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