Tuesday, February 15, 2011

still in the mood for lurve

I think I'd celebrate Valentine's Day every day of I could get away with it. Pink? Red? Chocolate? Lace? Vintage goodness? What's not to love? Here's a peek at what went on yesterday and carried over to today. I'm duking it out with a cold and gray skies and I'm certain I gave myself a work injury punching out all those scallops. There is a blister my friends, yes a blister! I'll have my wool flower tutorial up tomorrow with photos. I've mentioned in in a couple of different projects but decided to take pics of each step so you can see it better. 

Some of the mama a-go-go's vintage Valentine's.
mister played with legos for a blog post...

While I stitched up happy tags and wool flowers...
 I valentined up my morning coffee...
 And punched circle after scalloped circle. And I think the pretty is totally worth a sore blistered thumb.
 I also rushed out in the rain to catch this shot before the sun set...swoon!
Finally, a belated Christmas present (stocking) from Ms. Stacey arrived with all sorts of goodies and pretty. This hat? Isn't it swoon worthy? That lady has some mad creative skills, she really does. And now, back to Blossom Dearie...happy Tuesday!


  1. oh yay the hat looks so goooood on you!
    (you know i didn't make it, right?)
    were the snails in one piece?


    word verification is rubbye (rooby rooby roo!)

  2. you didn't? i sooo thought you did, i still love it but now maybe a little less. tee-hee. and snails are all perfect.