Tuesday, February 22, 2011

plans? what plans?

good evening folks! i really wanted to have a better grasp on this day, the very last of my thirties. alas, i don't. i simply don't. not that it is a bad day, it isn't, it's just that it doesn't stand out in any way and i really wanted it to stand out, ya know? i did have a job interview today and that is a promising thing. but other than that, i am at a loss.
even the camera is at a loss. we celebrated my birthday a few days ago with a thai dinner and a most delicious cake from here. tomorrow i plan on being completely lazy save for a job interview and i cannot decided what to do for dinner, waffles perhaps? i do know that i want pie, apple pie to be exact and while homemade is good, sarah lee will do just fine. i'm also going to take a bath, and just so you know, i do indeed bathe on a regular basis but tomorrow i am going to take a bath, of the lazy and luxurious kind. i suppose i need some bath stuff for that so maybe after my job interview i will pick something up.
and after said bath, there will be pajamas and good tea (oh crappity crap, i'm out of good tea) and a good sit on the sofa to watch ANTM, do i know how to celebrate or what? and in between all that nothing, i have a CRAFT project to finish that has been eluding me for a week now and there are bits of green whimsy to photograph and upload to the shop so it looks like the first day of my forties won't be too different than my thirties and i suppose that is as good a place as any to start.
happy february.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jek! (and welcome to the 4-0....I promise, it's going to be great!)