Monday, February 28, 2011

crafting for craft: layered tissue night light

aka an ode to They Might Be Giants. check it out over at Craft.

the old lady inside

i've been 40 for less than a week and it seems the signs are there folks. i am old. as in the little old lady of yesteryear.

there is evidence mind you, i'm not making it up. and if for any reason you thought me hip i'm about to blow it all out of the water. evidence. it's there. it's there in the tiny bits of fallout from the tissue i left in my pocket when the jeans went into the wash.

it's there in the cough drops i stash in my underwear drawer, the bright red lipstick that slips to the corners of my mouth and the hacking cough i wake up to every morning before my tea.

evidence. it's there. it's there when the college kids ride their bikes right in front of the car and it's all i can do to NOT channel granny and yell "Stupid Ass!" it's there when i find myself in a store like Forever 21 and Sparks comes on and I want to tell everyone "I can't believe they're playing Sparks!" and then i look down at my mismatched socks and too-tight, too short slacks and blush the pinkiest shade of pink. just the fact that i refer to my black pants as slacks is cause for some biddiness, no? or how about when i went to buy said slacks i hovered over the rack that carried them with elastic waist-bands? evidence my friends, evidence. it's there.

next thing you know i will be drinking wine...from a box. i will keep a handful of butterscotch candies in my purse and attempt to hand them out to the kiddos that pop up in my periphery. i may or may not take to hiding almond rocca in the freezer and i just may rediscover my love of A Price Is Right, Drew Carey and all. just wait, all i need is a house coat, quilted of course, and i'll be a happy camper sitting on the davenport armed with my sudoku books, a magnifying glass and the remote control.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

sometimes there are regrets

i made the mistake of breaking open the hollow chocolate bunny i bought on my birthday. the bag was purchased not for the bunny at all but for the chocolate chicken that nestled inside. yes, a chocolate chicken. i say mistake because i broke it open. broke. it. open. oh chocolate bunny shards...there is no going back.

Friday, February 25, 2011

thoughts on this rainy day

there is not a enough time.

there is simply not enough time to do what i want to do. what i wish to do. even with all this time i have, there is not enough time. for someone else, there may be heaps and bounds and oodles of time but for me and the cacophony that is in my head, there is not enough.

i wish i had a quiet mind. it's loud in here, in the noggin that is mine. there are thoughts and words and songs and colors. there is a rise and fall of sharp points and below level thoughts all spinning and twirling in a single cluster. some kissing cousins but most are singular like snowflakes fluttering about, melting to nothing before i can put them in my pocket. like vivid dreams that lose their color once morning comes. all of this, and that and that, and that keeps me from doing. from DOING. i am so panicked by the idea of losing these thoughts that i sit and breathe deeply all closed eyes and fists. i make lists and lose lists and make new lists that get lost all over again. i stack them neatly, i reread them and sometimes they get tucked away into library books,  forgotten until after the books have been returned. i hope those lists confuse and amuse.

i wish i had an idea. a good idea. just a single idea. i have many, many that may be good or great or brilliant but they are so loud i cannot focus so today i am wishing for one. for one brilliant thought to flutter down for one moment. one quiet.  one brilliant. one moment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

welcome to 40

oh wow, can you believe it? i'm 40. 40! i remember when my mamos turned 40 and now i feel odd. huh. and just to let ya know, there was an interview today and yes, peanut butter cookies. no pie but i'm sure i'll get some someday and swoony swoon swoon swoon...there is a new lens for the rebel (thank you mama and sister a-go-go!).  i'm now off for a bath with mr. bubble then a mojito and some bad guilty pleasure television. thank you for all the wonderful birthday greetings! happy february!

birthday pinterest

 1. ouma

more pretty birthday wishes on my pinterest.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

plans? what plans?

good evening folks! i really wanted to have a better grasp on this day, the very last of my thirties. alas, i don't. i simply don't. not that it is a bad day, it isn't, it's just that it doesn't stand out in any way and i really wanted it to stand out, ya know? i did have a job interview today and that is a promising thing. but other than that, i am at a loss.
even the camera is at a loss. we celebrated my birthday a few days ago with a thai dinner and a most delicious cake from here. tomorrow i plan on being completely lazy save for a job interview and i cannot decided what to do for dinner, waffles perhaps? i do know that i want pie, apple pie to be exact and while homemade is good, sarah lee will do just fine. i'm also going to take a bath, and just so you know, i do indeed bathe on a regular basis but tomorrow i am going to take a bath, of the lazy and luxurious kind. i suppose i need some bath stuff for that so maybe after my job interview i will pick something up.
and after said bath, there will be pajamas and good tea (oh crappity crap, i'm out of good tea) and a good sit on the sofa to watch ANTM, do i know how to celebrate or what? and in between all that nothing, i have a CRAFT project to finish that has been eluding me for a week now and there are bits of green whimsy to photograph and upload to the shop so it looks like the first day of my forties won't be too different than my thirties and i suppose that is as good a place as any to start.
happy february.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

yesterday: feb 16

I'm still battling a cold. Yesterday I asked mister to drop me off downtown in our tiny downtown while he went for a second interview. I wandered, took pictures and bought a new paper punch. Once home, I proceeded to pull a muscle in my hand punch, punch, punching out circle after scalloped circle. But that's okay, today, I stitched up all those happy shapes and made delightful garlands that will soon be in the shop. I also bit the bullet and made a hair appointment and then I hung up the phone and cried because I am weepy like that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentine swap: received

Howdy folks! So, you saw the valentine I made for my partner in Tara's Valentine Swap now here is the valentine I receive. 
Yay for lovely, happy mail full of sparkles and cheer! Thank you Tanya!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

still in the mood for lurve

I think I'd celebrate Valentine's Day every day of I could get away with it. Pink? Red? Chocolate? Lace? Vintage goodness? What's not to love? Here's a peek at what went on yesterday and carried over to today. I'm duking it out with a cold and gray skies and I'm certain I gave myself a work injury punching out all those scallops. There is a blister my friends, yes a blister! I'll have my wool flower tutorial up tomorrow with photos. I've mentioned in in a couple of different projects but decided to take pics of each step so you can see it better. 

Some of the mama a-go-go's vintage Valentine's.
mister played with legos for a blog post...

While I stitched up happy tags and wool flowers...
 I valentined up my morning coffee...
 And punched circle after scalloped circle. And I think the pretty is totally worth a sore blistered thumb.
 I also rushed out in the rain to catch this shot before the sun set...swoon!
Finally, a belated Christmas present (stocking) from Ms. Stacey arrived with all sorts of goodies and pretty. This hat? Isn't it swoon worthy? That lady has some mad creative skills, she really does. And now, back to Blossom Dearie...happy Tuesday!

for tara: valentine details

Here are the details of my handmade Valentine...and I did end up making more...the pretty was too pretty to resist.My swap partner told me she liked quirky and maybe a little shabby chic. So I did my best and quirked it up but in shabby chic colors.
 A wool flower made from felted sweaters
 Quirky hand-stitched cloud full of lurve in a glassine envie.
 This red and white label is vintage and came from grannie's stash.
 Machine-stitched tag with vintage lace and button.
 Machine-stitched garland in quirky colors thanks to a K & Co. paper pad. The garland is wrapped around a vintage postcard blank, also from grannie's stash.
All layered together a la Tara-style! So, what do you think? Do you think these would move in the shop? I really, really, want to get a birthday haircut. Seriously, I NEED a haircut and am brokety-broke. Any ideas?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

make a lovely handstitched cloud

Make this sweet little last minute cloud of lurve for your valentine. Pop a magnet inside and you've got a one of a kind sticky bit, add a pin back to turn it into a brooch or do like i did and simply stick a pin through it. It's all sorts of lurvely, don't ya think?
Here's what ya need:
*white felt
*red &pink felt
*2 embroidery needles
*embroidery thread
*silver thread (optional)
*scrap cardstock
*white glue
Draw yourself a wee cloud shape that is three inches across and two inches tall. Keep the bottom flat and line it up with your paper. Three to four cloud bumps look good. If I had a scanner and/or any clue, I would have a PDF for you, sadly, I am clueless. Cut it out.
Grab a piece of white felt or polar fleece. I used a small piece left over from the capelet project. One piece folded over in half is the easiest to work with. Pin cloud pattern to felt lining up bottom edges.
Use your scissors to carefully cut out cloud shape. I did a general cut first then went into the nooks and crannies. Remove pattern and pin your pieces together.
Gather your thread and thread your needle. If using embroidery thread, split you piece into three strands. If using silver thread on a spool, double up your thread then knot it. Use a blanket stitch to whip around the cloudy part of your cloud. Begin by going through just the top piece so your knot will be sandwiched between the two pieces.
When you get to the other side, set it all aside, do knot stitch all the way around yet.
Cut a thin rectangle from your white felt about two inches across. You are going to anchor your hearts to this piece. Get all fancy with your scissors and cut out four teeny-tiny hearts from various shades of pink or red felt.
Poke needle and thread through the rectangle and then weave the needle through the heart from top to bottom. Your aim is to anchor it to the string so that it slides up and down from top to bottom. Leave a long tail with a knot at the end and trim. Repeat for the remaining three hearts.
Slide rectangle with hearts into the cloud. Gently pinch ends closed and continue with you blanket stitch. This part gets a little hairy with all them threads waving all about. Take it slow and loop your blanket stitch as soon as you can to keep dangling threads from getting snagged. If you find it too frustrating, weave a straight-stitch and knot at the end.
Knot up your final stitch and trim with scissors. Stagger your hearts on their individual strings until you like how they look. Add a drop of glue to the top and bottom of each heart. This will keep them from sliding right off. Allow to dry and Happy Valentine's Day!
*If you want to turn it into a magnet, pop the magnet into the cloud along with the heart anchor. For a pin back, either hot glue it when it is all stitched up or dtitch on your pin-back first thing. I myself, kinda like how it looks with a straight pin.