Monday, January 17, 2011

the week in review: jan 10-16

the weather turned warm this week and came with a lot of wind. i think i finally got into the swing of the new year and managed to work, work, work on multiple projects. it was a good week. i can't help but worry worry about where we will get our next wee bit o income though. but the weather was fantastic and i broke down to take my very last bit of emergency meds so that i could breathe and i hope it can carry me over to employment. this not breathing thing, i am not a fan of. 

we went on one mini adventure but mostly stayed at the homestead working on various projects. my lists are getting longer and longer there is much i wish to make and do. i suppose now is the time, right? this week will be more of the same. the wind is even more fierce, the sun brighter. i'll be bouncing about in bubblegum pink house slippers  and my new pajamas.


  1. Greeblygreebly1:33 PM

    Ugh, I remember those days- picking an E-room to go to based on which ones I didn't already owe money to and such, big fun. Luckily I had an old doctor who kept writing me scripts after I was no longer part of the HMO. When I was living in Tucson there was a clinic that was, I think, affiliated with one of the national Asthma organizations. If you registared with them you could get free/low cost treatment (for asthma only). I don't know if that sort of thing still exists. Doing a bit of googling I couldn't find it but it might not hurt to check around in your area. I hope you all get some insurance soon, there's not a lot more nerve racking than not having insurance when you have a chronic illness.

  2. you poor thing. living with any sort of sickness must be terriable. i hope you are able to get meds soon.

    i'm a world away but if i can help in some small way i'd be delighted.

    if it's any consolation you look fab in your half face picture.

    all the best jek.