Monday, December 13, 2010

the week in review: dec 6-12

last week i felt so tapped out and stressed. i wasn't sleeping, there were and still are dark circles under my eyes. the wind has been blowing and combined with my stress i am a wheezy, wheezy girl. i have felt anxious and tear-filled and more than overwhelmed. i was convinced that i would have nothing to show for the week other than a handful of weepy posts and a sad, sad, sad picture of the witch-baby. thankfully, even with all the stress i did my best to bounce back and soldier on. i worked on projects and we traveled out as a family and i took my camera and photographed the good that caught my eye. when i sat down to compile pictures from the week i found all sorts of prompts for good thoughts and memories. such happy fun that i think i need to back post some days as i was in no position to write last week. so for now, here you go, a week in review that surprised me...

there was cookie baking and puppet making, project working and shop listing. we saw lights and went tree shopping and even began work on our own recycled tree. we saw sites, we watched flicks and we spent time together. we also fretted over the witch-baby, took her to the vet twice, got her hydrated and put together our thoughts on future. for now she is being pilled to bits but if it works then she will recover, if it doesn't then it is cancer and we will move on with much sadness. thank you for sticking with me, your words of warmth really helped.


  1. Yeah, I've been weepy and overwhelmed this week meself.
    But on a lighter note, I gotta say...I'm loving the moustache and tie on the gingerbread man! It made me smile! I'm in gingerbread-making mode lately and I may just have to steal that decorating idea!

  2. I hope that Witchbaby can pull through this. I will stay tuned to see your DIT tree.

  3. Greeblygreebly4:44 AM

    I am so glad to hear that there is some hope for the witch baby! You guys and she have been much in my thoughts this week.