Tuesday, December 14, 2010

today: dec 14

mister is in the kitchen making leek & potato soup. something has gone awry with the making of the garlic bread and he is in a tizzy running about, dashing here and there, mumbling to himself. he is very close to tizzidom but i think he'll pull through. earlier today he biked on over to the post to send off a couple of packages that i had ready.
yep, that's my man.

before he left for the post office. we all took a walk around the neighborhood to look at leaves and stretch our legs. there was fog over the hills and blue skies up above. totally surreal.
i made it through the weekend and the anniversary of my mamos' passing. my heart was light and i felt good. i miss her always and pushed past reliving that awful day that still makes its home in my memory. instead of wallowing, i bought a christmas tree in her honor. it is a little tree but decidedly adorable. we've managed to put lights on it but are all so busy the ornaments are still in their boxes.

this morning we received sad news of another family member that has passed. why oh why is december such a trying month? all sorts of happy and all sorts of sad all jumbled in the mix. i guess that is just how life is. ups. downs. and all arounds. sigh.
the witch-baby is more active but her jaundice is disturbingly neon. we take her back in tomorrow and hope for good things. last week when i was a messy mess it was less that she was near her end and more that we coudln't tell what to do. does that make any sense? i kept telling the mister i wish she would take a turn, any turn. better or worse would be okay as long as we didn't have to wonder what the right thing to do was.
my asthma is awful right now and i have no idea why. the wheeze, wheeze, wheeze has settled in and none of my meds are working. i also got a rejection letter for a job i was excited to go for. in my obstinance i am crankier than cranky that they rejected me. really, i have everything they need and this town is so tiny, i can't imagine anyone else having ALL the qualifications they wanted. i didn't even get to interview at least i could have had an interview and then they could have rejected me. i am much better on paper sometimes. heeee.
dinner is almost ready, the sky is dark, the holiday lights are on and the homestead here smells of onion. i have two netflix dvds to view, holiday cards to write out and more giftiness to wrap. at least there is busy, even if there is ick.

have a wonderful tomorrow friends.

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  1. i hear you on the month of decemember. its bittersweet.

    sorry to hear about the passing of your family member. my thoughts are with you and yours.

    i hope your soup was good and that you find lots of peace and happiness this holiday.