Wednesday, December 01, 2010

happy december!

assumptions are not generally a good thing to make but i'm gonna assume that no matter which holiday you celebrate this month you may be in for some decorations and gift wrap. when i am feeling inspired, i like to choose a happy color theme and go with it. once you've got yer colors down, the rest of the holiday fun glides on by in a happy bubble of pretty.

you may have a digital inspiration collage floating about, a length of stripey string with pretty pictures pinned to it or perhaps you attacked a large square of foam core with a glue stick and a couple of anthropologie catalogs. inspiration is so easily attainable the hardest part may be where to start.

my trick for you is to create a tiny inspiration board to keep in your pocket or purse. it doesn't have to be bedazzling, it just needs to list your colors for the season in a happy mix. you get the chance to make a little something and you will have a happy little guide along for the ride as you pick out supplies for wrapping and fun.

my colors came first from a photo and blog post that i cannot find and then from a tiny scrap of fabric that Tara used in Leaves place-setting. all that green and yellow. LOVE! i carried the idea of those colors in my head and rifled through my paint box to see what i could find. not satisfied i hit the craft store for more paint and embroidery thread. there are always so many colors to be seen that i plop myself on the floor and get to playing with all the happy bits. if you have the opportunity, you could even swing by a paint shop and pilfer some paint chips though i prefer the thread and paint as i actually use up the stuff.

gather everything you can in the colors that make your heart sing and set up a work station in happy light. use a sturdy piece of matte board or cardstock and get to crafting. i dabbled here and there and glued and painted until i had a delightful little piece of art.

on the back, i painted more color swatches and named them and even listed a few things i was still looking for.

with card in hand, i traveled to our local fabric shop and walked around holding my card up to various pieces of fabric until i had a collection that me happy. sure people stared and a few asked me what i was doing but it worked and i found exactly what i was looking for.

when buying fabric for unplanned crafting, i stick with a quarter of a yard. it's enough to make a little bit of something but not too much you look at it later and wonder what you were drinking when you bought it. it also doesn't break the bank as fabric is now kinda pricey (for me at least it is).

sometimes, just gathering your supplies and playing with a little glue is all you need to be inspired. keeping everything in the same color scheme adds a tiny bit of elegance and makes me feel all martha-like.
stay tuned for more holiday fun...i hope you like yellow and green!

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