Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fun with pixy stix: an introduction

What is it about paper straws that is so lovely? Is it the stripes? The matte texture, the way the light doesn't bounce off of them? Is it that they look old fashioned or is it just because they are not something you see everyday? I'm not sure, I think it may be a little of all of the above, all I know is that i have been bitten by the paper straw bug as well and let me tell you, them pretty things are not so inexpensive. They aren't terribly pricey either but sometimes they are just too darn hard to locate at a deal (the nearest shop I can pick them up sells them for too much but you can order a perfectly priced set, save for the shipping, from Bake it Pretty.) More than drinking with them, I especially like to make pretty with them. So follow along and see how I cheated on the feel of the paper straw without breaking the guessed it...Pixy Stix!
I see bags of Pixy Stix at the dollar store all the time. So, in a pinch, you can use this nifty little sweet treat instead of the humble paper straw if you desperately need to make something that utilizes them little bits of paper whimsy. One pack from your local dollar spot should set you up with forty of the happy vessels. So for starters...make something happy to drink, throw a party and invite yer friends! Hop on over to scrumdilly-do for a nifty holiday potion for your wee ones.


  1. Greeblygreebly10:35 AM

    Brilliant! Thanks for the link, I was just trying to explain the concept of paper straws to my son the other day! (The idea that oil is a finite resource has made him curious about what life was like pre-plastics.) I may need to pick some up. For educational purposes..yeah..that's what we'll call it.

  2. fun! know what else is a finite resource? well, something most people don't think of...helium. yup! we're running out of helium! i was flabbergasted when i found out, it never occurred to me and now i feel so lame for not thinking of it. ;)

  3. Greeblygreebly5:14 PM

    That is wild!

  4. Ooooh. I always overlook the pixy stix. Great idea :)