Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas sock monkey 2010

After all the gifties were opened, mr. a-go-go said he picked up a mysterious box that was left on our doorstep.  with much mystery and amusement, I joyfully opened said box.
We had no idea where it had come from, but it seemed to have traveled quite far.
It had very explicit instructions. I hoped there were no critters inside.
There was a puzzle that had to be solved first.
and after I had said the words out loud many, many times, I got it, and I knew. I knew!
Did you?


  1. Oh that Mr. of yours! Very clever! Wonderful.

  2. okay, so either i can't make the puzzle page big enough to read clearly or i'm a dummy -- i read the first line as "what's it for" but thats' not what's in the box...

  3. heehee...the first one was the toughest, i overthought it as well. mister said to simply write down what the W is for on the lightbulb...

    alos, the whole clue is an inside joke. gotta know yer semi-obscure-but-not-really 80s rap/hiphop. not that i do but...

  4. what is a d.j. if he can't scratch!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahh I have been looking forward to this post! Mr. A-go-go, you rock as usual :)

  6. exactomundo! which means it HAD to be an EGYPTIAN monkey!