Friday, December 10, 2010

bandoleer a-go-gos in the shop!

you spell it bandolier, i spell it bandoleer...either way it is a-go-go. lookie here, it's a sash, it's a purse! it's a hands free fashion statement that holds everything you need! there are two left in the shop, check them out now!
**the witch-baby is a sleepy kitty. she has a spot and stays warm and we're keeping many eyes on her. she isn't really eating or drinking and the bet wants for us to take her in for hydration. we're torn. the traveling to the vet is traumatic for her. it hurts her to pick her up and while we want her to be hydrated we don't know if it is better or worse. it may be better in the moment and it keeps her from dehydration but is it going to traumatize her and make her linger longer and in more discomfort? we have no idea how much pain she is in. as to what is going on, we're not sure and invasive tests would maybe give a diagnosis but we still wouldn't be able to fix her. still, my heart, all of our hearts, ache.

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  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    My cat, Tuffy, went through a very similar thing recently. Unfortunately, she didn't make it through, but they could find no diagnosis for her either.

    I'd recommend looking up a way to hydrate her at home. We wanted to take Tuffy home from the hospital, but they recommended not doing that as she was having "episodes" where she would sort of flail around, but I honestly think she was uncomfortable. We talked with another vet that said there was a way to hydrate at home. Our vet wanted us to put our cat to sleep, but my mom and I were really hesitant and in the end, she died peacefully without any invasive tests or anything, but unfortunately she wasn't at home with us. :(

    I hope Witch Baby pulls through, but I know from experience not eating or drinking is a very serious sign. I think the best you can do is make life as comfortable as possible for her!