Monday, November 22, 2010

the week in review: nov 15-21

there was sick and recovery and the mister getting IT. there was a long drive down to los angeles and the really NOT seeing of friends because of the ick. there was dagla's and banh mi and ice cream at scoops and paradise. we tried visiting oxnard (and it was awful awful) and so we went to marukai in gardena instead. we watched young uns tango and do bollywood and lunched on yummy indian food. we vistited two parks, enjoyed the rain, played with a pooch, drank cocoa by the fire and rescued a bag of too-hot ashes from burning down the house. (and i have to say i do NOT like the new blogger editor, can't seem to size my photos correctly.)

today we drive back up the coast to our new hometown. first we hope to hit up a thrift and visit two of our favorite shops. happy almost thanksgiving!

**where is our domenico?

1 comment:

  1. didn't get enough jek-time!
    but i love that we did exactly what we would have done if you were still living here (nom-nom, tar-jay, nom-nom) -- it made it feel as if you're still just down the way...