Monday, November 08, 2010

sweet {sweet} november: giveaway a-go-go

I meant to have my giveaway ready on Friday but let's just say I'm sticking with character and lagged just a wee bit. So, talk to me folks, did you enjoy our little blog hop? Did you find anything inspiring between the two of us? Do you think fun like this is a good thing? Should I do more or should I throw in the towel and stick with scrumdilly-do (I'm only half kidding folks).

For those of you who stuck with us I have a nifty giveaway or at least, I hope you find it nifty...leave a comment here and tell what you think/ What was your favorite fall inspired post? What, like Tara wrote, would you like to see around here? Give me a shout out and I pull three names for some giveaway goodness. You may find yourself the lucky recipient of a pretty wee photo pack like this:

Or this:

Or you may find yourself with a nifty little yo yo pack all hand-stitched and yo yo maker free by little old me! So leave me a happy comment, some praise or a kick in the pants and tell me what you would like to see more of and I'll pick three winners on Wednesday morning so stay tuned!
**oh and if you are soooo taken with these goodies, you can find them in my shop! Happy November!


  1. Yes! I love the blog-hopping! I appreciated being exposed to new things and people, and think you bring magic to everything! <3

  2. I love all of the fall-inspired pictures that you've been posting! :)

  3. I love the themed diy ideas! Fall is my favorite time of the year and so anything fall related rocks my world.

    Recipe and diy projects always makes my heart pitter patter!

  4. I enjoyed the collaboration. It makes it feel more like a crafty conversation.

    my favorite tutorial was the pumpkin butter. great photos and clear directions.

    the most inspiring was the one about making a play list. it reminded me to dig out some old but beloved tracks to keep us company now that we are spending more time indoors.

    keep it up! love you!

  5. Greeblygreebly11:11 AM

    I really liked the pumpkin butter tutorial. I really love craft posts as well. But I think my favourite so far has been your fall playlist. Because it reminded me of some music I adore but have been neglecting.

  6. hi jessica!
    i am so happy you are posting every day again! i am such a big fan of yours...i don't think you need the blog hoppin', but if you like it, just do it! i just love when you narrate your action pack and not so packed days, your rants( it just makes you so down to earth and i love that), your cooking (i love your cooking posts) they truly inspire me to get in that kitchen, and of course the dyi projects are always fun!just hang in there pumpkin!

  7. um, i'd have to say i really liked the yo yo wreath. even though i haven't made them yet, it has inspired me too make them for an upcoming project. and who would have thought yo yos would look great on a wreath.

    the pumpkin butter also looked ah-mazing!!! i do want to try that at some point too!

    thanks so much for the chance.

  8. cindy1:20 PM

    i loved the felty fall headbands!

    and i just love seeing your photos! that's why i tune in!


  9. Sing in me, yo-yos, and through me tell the story
    of that woman skilled in all ways of creation,
    the inventor, making for years on end,
    before she went on to make more and more things.

    My version of the beginning of The Odyssey, rewritten so it's about jek.

  10. I just love your blog & fall so it's too hard to choose!!!! But the yo-yo's are extra sweet!!!

  11. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I've never made yo-yo's but a friend of mine is totally addicted to them.

    Love the photos, would like to see a quick tutorial on how to use a brownie hawkeye, if you know how.

  12. My faves are the autumn journal and the fall playlist! Love the yo-yo's and the mini photos! -Alisa

  13. I can't WAIT to try out the pumpkin butter! I totally meant to this weekend, then ... Well, you know how it goes:)

    Thanks for the fun posts!

  14. Found your blog through Tara's pink couch ~ Absolutely LOVE your blog and all of the beautiful, creative things that you make and show us <3

    Those little yoyos are so sweet and they would look PERFECT on fall layouts or mini-books <3 and the mini photos are the bestest!!!!

  15. Those mini photos are just too cute. Found you through Tara's blog and so glad I stopped by.
    Photo techniques or any crafty diy tutorial would be right up my street.
    You have a new follower, I love your blog.
    Micayla x

  16. Thanks for all the fun & inspiration! It would be fun to see how you get inspiration for your beautiful photos! Can't wait to make the pumpkin butter this weekend!!
    Amy G.

  17. Photos, recipes, stories...basically anything you'd like to post is good! :) After all it's your blog and we're just the adoring readers enjoying the posts. :D