Thursday, November 11, 2010

a question answered

Kodak Brownie Hawkeyethis one is for commenter jen, who may or may not revisit scrumdillydilly (and may have only been joking, but i do like a challenge)...and just for because.

Jen said...
I've never made yo-yo's but a friend of mine is totally addicted to them.

Love the photos, would like to see a quick tutorial on how to use a brownie hawkeye,
if you know how.

so jen, due to the wonder that is the internets here is what i found. the brownie hawkeye was produced by kodak from 1949-61 and is pretty nifty to look at. i think i may even have one tucked away in the tower of boxes. it is after all, made from bakelite. the hawkeye use 620 film which, to my knowledge is no longer made. you can however use 120 film with a little practice and determination. you are not alone in wondering how to use the darn thing and there are oodles of videos out there. for more info click here and to visit a flickr group, click here.

happy thursday! and thank you to Dr. Colossus for a happy creative commons license!


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Thanks, Jek!
    I subscribe to your blog and just LOVE the way your mind works so no, I wasn't joking. ;-)
    I figured you might have used a Brownie at some time.
    I didn't know they were made of bakelite (how cool!). I'm ready to get online and order some film. And I think I need a special spool thingie to make the 120 fit.

    Anyway, thanks again!!

  2. heehee...awesome! i think all you need is the 620 spool, you may have to wind the 120 film onto it though...check out the flickr group, them peoples are full of info and good luck!

  3. Well, that is completely awesome! I am now tempted to try and stump you...maybe Google has made stumping someone a thing of the past? Ach, sad.

    Now that I'm here, let me tell you I love your blog and read you regularly. My favorite is Bed of the Month. Lovely! :)